Self-Reflections: My soul deserves nourishment.

In times of great uncertainty, I look after my spiritual health. My soul deserves nourishment because it keeps me grounded through difficult times.

Spending time with my family is good for my soul. When I share laughs and stories with my loved ones, I feel a lightness inside. That positive feeling gives me the strength to push through challenges.

My family reminds me that I have a lot to live for. Their well-being is one of my priorities, so I ensure that I remain mentally healthy for them.

Nourishment also comes in the form of video calls with my best friends across the world. Seeing them virtually is the next best thing to having them physically close. I look forward to hearing about the wonderful things happening in their lives.

I read books and magazines that make me feel warm inside. Stories of heroism and charity make me feel proud to be human. I gain strength from the strength of others.

When I surround myself with positive energy, my spirit thrives. I feel capable of tackling any difficulty that life throws my way. Conversation is a great way for me to keep my mind occupied. It rids me of destructive thoughts that occupy my solitude.

Today, my soul is nourished and well because I seek out positivity. Taking care of my inner well-being makes way for a strengthened mind. I have what it takes to weather the challenging storms that come my way.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What is my favorite type of content to read when I am feeling uninspired?
  2. How do I allocate my time each day to ensure that I renew and refresh my soul?
  3. What coping skills do I rely on to deal with unexpected challenges?
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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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