Self-Reflections: Optimism restores my energy.

I get to choose my own outlook on life. My results are rewarding when I choose to be positive. Optimism restores my energy and drives me forward.

Difficult times sometimes come unexpectedly, but I prepare for them with my mindset. When I tell myself that a favorable outcome is on the way, I believe it. Doing that allows me to shoulder the burden of difficult surprises and find a positive lesson.

When I am faced with illness, I decide how much of an impact it has on me. Although I sometimes feel physically weak, I nurture and strengthen my mind.

During low points in my life, I read motivational literature and speak to life coaches. By leaning on positive outside influences, I reinforce my own strength to push through adversity. I am energized by affirmations of possibility.

Whenever I am exhausted, I push myself forward with reassuring words. I tell myself that I have the perseverance to complete my daily responsibilities.

Believing in myself is enough to get me on my feet again. The confidence that comes from self-belief outshines any doubt from external sources. There is power to win when I remain my biggest cheerleader.

Today, my life is as cheerful as I make it. Knowing that my potential is fueled by the energy I put behind it is encouraging. It is wonderful to be able to speak goodness and light into my life by maintaining a positive mindset.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I maintain my optimism when I am unable to find a way out?
  2. What things in my life energize me and keep me positive?
  3. How do I prepare myself for dealing with unfavorable situations?
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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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