Simplero vs Infusion and Leadpages – why I switched

I made the switch to save money and to give my head a break ūüėČ Entrepreneurs doing it on their own should take a look. I love¬†Simplero¬†but there were some tradeoffs – well one.

Take a look and do the free trial CLICK HERE it will be worth it.

Hi everyone! Luanne here, Chief-Goddess at Goddess on Purpose. And today I wanted to share something about my new email systems.

I get a little excited, I’m a little bit of a geek sometimes. I’m don’t know the whole coding thing and all that sort of stuff when it comes to websites, but I do have a bit of knowledge and it’s all self-taught.

And so, what I have recently done, if you follow me, you might have seen that I’ve switched over from Infusionsoft to¬†Simplero. And I just wanted to share, why I did it and what the outcome has been with this since I made the jump.

First of all I looked at¬†Simplero¬†quite a few months ago. I’ve had Infusionsoft for a few years, and I’m not saying its a bad system, it’s actually brilliant, but it’s really quite complicated. And I’m okay will all that sort of stuff, but I still did have to get people come and help me get it up, put in ¬†plans, and all the auto-responders. There’s certain stuff in there that I just don’t want to look at it because it wasn’t as easy to follow.

So fast forward over to¬†Simplero, I’ve made a couple of mistakes and I have been playing around with it. ¬†There’s a 30-day trial in there so I really took advantage of that. ¬†I kept that trial up for 90-days. So I was playing around with it, because the biggest thing in my head was how do I get all the Infusionsoft stuff over to¬†Simplero. And I managed to do that on my own, and I’m not saying do that on your own, if you’ve got somebody to do that for you, great.

There are some lists in there that I lost and there’s still some things in there that I have to move over, but when I made that jump, I’ve just gone, give me a hallelujah!! ¬†because when I played around in¬†Simplero, everything is just really simple.

The support team has been amazing, when I’ve had some techy things, I just email them and they come back pretty much straight away and show me how to do it. And I think its probably because I used Infusion[soft], i know my way around there. When I went to¬†Simplero, it was a lot easier. I can see where I need to put things, and they make it really simple.

The only thing with¬†Simplero¬†is probably the one thing ¬†is it’s not as pretty. You can so sales pages, landing pages, you can do opt-ins, email lists, they’re all there. You can have an affiliate program, I will have a look at that soon, I did have one in Infusion[soft] and that’s one I couldn’t set-up myself. I totally can see how to do it here. Just sending an email out is so simple.

So I’m really excited about¬†Simplero, and that’s why I’m doing this video, and its, apart from the cost. The cost for Infusion[soft] was around about $247 a month, and that’s US and that’s equals $1000+ but¬†Simplero¬†is $100 a month, that’s probably the lowest one. Yes it goes up, but for my list, its enough.

So that’s probably where Infusionsoft, you have to be a pretty big player to use all the bells and whistles on there and like i said I have it every month, and every month I would pay it but I had this feeling of I’m not really using it to its full potential. Whereas with¬†Simplero, I’m using everything as much as I can.

So I’m using the landing pages, I’m using the opt-in, I’m using the list, I’m using membership sites. That’s the other thing, with Infusion[soft] you don’t have a membership site.

So that’s another thing, I was paying $50 for Leadpages, $50 for the membership, nearly $250 for Infusion[soft]. So that’s $300, wipe that off, $100 a month for everything over here. ¬†(sorry do the math – I was excited on the video I now save $250 per month)

I’m doing sales pages, and although they’re not as pretty and if I really wanted to do that I can just do a one-off. You can use another progam if you want to¬†¬†make it really beautiful, but at the end of the day if its got everything on that page, I’m pretty happy. And it still makes sales from it.

So I am putting a link down below because I want to share this and true open book, if you do go on to¬†Simplero¬†there will be some commission for me but look, I’m not interested in that, I want to make it easy for people and business, especially these entrepreneurs who do everything for themselves, and its all there.

Just trial it and you can keep everything there, you can use it like a normal system but you just can’t send emails out and things like that until you make the switch.

I’m ready to get rid of Leadpages, so there’s a $50 savings there, got rid of Infusion[soft] and wherever else I can do that.

Have a look, again, its free for now, try it out. Thank you, bye for now. I’m going to do a membership site now.

Happy Friday!

PS: go get your trial and play play play CLICK HERE

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