Super Woman Syndrome – really ?

There is no such thing as “Superwoman” and trying to live up to someones expectation of that is not how the feminine works. A big lesson I learnt was 2 days after giving birth to my daughter I went back to work in the family business. No one stopped me except for my book keeper at the time who said “Lu you shouldn’t be here”. I could hardly even walk up the stairs to my office, but still I went, baby in hand, computer rebooting thinking I have to be here or else what will hapWhat about your partner (if you have one) – are they shouldering their responsibilities also ? Have you even asked them to ? or do you soldier on being the good woman fighting a “Good” fight so that everyone thinks you are the SUPERWOMAN of the world. Does he let you Shoulder the responsibility and disappear when you need him. Or is he stepping up to support you like the warrior he can be ….. or rather you inspire him to be.pen ??.

My own mother was such a hard worker and still is although, I love that she is semi-retired now and gets to “choose” when she works.

After a call today with my beloved mentor this morning, who reminded me while looking at my hands (from Feb), the jupiter and saturn fingers were bending towards the thumbs. Essentially this means pushing too hard for results. Back then this was what I was doing. That’s what I knew how to do. Work Hard. But does it have to be hard ???.

We have kids, work, careers, businesses, relationships, community all to attend to. Yet what about YOU ???.

In the good ole days – there was community – women would support each other with their children, and divide the jobs so as not to make one person take it all on by themselves. Some of us now live isolated from our community, thinking we have to shoulder it all.

Step back – take stock of your vision, eliminate Drama from your life, connect in with your community and if you haven’t got one – get out and create or find one. I don’t just mean online either, I mean in person. Get up and personal with people.

What I know to be true for myself these days, is that the less I “push” the more I “create”. It’s still hard at times, I too have to get rid of the old patterns taken on from other people. When I look back I totally realise that because I have such high expectations of myself that I took on that own persons expectations of them.

If you can’t do it then I will do it myself !!! Does that ring true ???

The feminine does not need to be all flowing airy fairy all of the time etc but she does have to remember to sit back and receive.

So this is my challenge for myself and other recovering “control” addicts – sit back, go within, see what you really really really want to create, set the intention then start your plan.

Check in for what purpose you are really doing what you’re  doing ……

We all have choice in this world. What is in the past is there. The Superwoman syndrome exists only if you let it in this fast paced Western more material possessions, I want more toys, I want want want” but what do you really need, need, need.  (and yes I think we can have it all if you really desire it – but don’t sell your soul, be a wanker or neglect your Lifes Purpose in the process.

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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