Survey Results are in!

Results are in – Yay to Michaelah from NZ and Sharon from UK and thank you soooo much for filling in my survey and I hope you got the value of doing one. Hand Analysis Level 1 training in April…/71138-hand-analysis… if you need to contact me about this just pm me you can book online also. xxx Blissings Luanne

Thank you for joining me. There’s a couple of things I wanted to share today.

Here are the results of my survey and a couple of things I wanted to share with you is why I did the survey. And I wanted to share the results of the survey and it was amazing. It was amazing what I got from that. And to just check in and pull the 2 winners- I am picking 2 people from the people who did the survey and they’re going to get their own hand-analysis reading.

So after I share what I learnt from the survey, I’m going to pull the winners from it. And I really just want to thank you, first of all, for everybody who did the survey. I’m not one to do surveys myself unless they’re like under 2-minutes.

A little tip for those who are doing surveys out there, make them under 2, lots of multiple choice questions and just leave place where they can do comments. I think mine was 2-minutes, for those who did it and I got some great results and the reason why I actually wanted to do the survey was I just felt that every year, I do do one and I want to check in with the community. Check-in that what I’m providing is what they want and seeing where the holes are.

And I shared a while ago, like 2-years ago, I did a membership program, and I just had this thing. I wanted to do a membership program. I saw this really successful person who had their own survey. So they have their own membership and I go “Yes I want to do that! That looks easy.” And it was easy to create, it was something that I was totally aligned with, and then sort of 2-3 months into it, I wasn’t as aligned with it anymore, and I get the reasons why now, because I wanted to create something live every month, and yes I don’t want that “commitment”. But also I don’t really hone in on what people really wanted.

So yes, that’s a thing. We’re creative people, we can just create anything we want but when you’re in a business and when you’re trying to serve your community, is it what they really want? So I really bummed at that and it kind of suck because I spent a lot of money and a lot of time on it, but I did learn a lot form it so I’m okay with that.

So, a couple of great things came from the survey and one of the things was what you really wanted to see. I asked, what are you prepared to invest for yourself. I also asked you what is the thing that kept you awake at night most of the times.

The first thing I’m going to share, the first thing I want to totally enclose because you can learn from this your self, I would do it every year, its a good thing. And really what I got from that was where people find out about me, that was one of the questions. Where did you first learn about Goddess on Purpose? And I thought oh it would be the website, no surprises there. 38% of people found me on Facebook. 24% attended an event. It was either my event or somebody else’s event that I was speaking with.

So that was really interesting and from Facebook, and I thought, well I wonder how many people are finding me on my website? And not really many. So, that’s sort of one hole that I could plug. How do I get my website showing up more in things like that? But again, it tells me Facebook is where most of my community hangs out, so you’ll be hearing a lot more of me on Facebook.

The other question I asked was- What made you sign up for the newsletter?”In other words, what made people join? I’ve got a freebie on there- 7 ways to become a Goddess. I create an oracle message everyday. They were sort of working and what you want out of that, and 23% was a blog post, so you’ve seen one of my blog post in the past and you’ve joined. You wanted to get the newsletter on a regular basis, which sort of wasn’t that regular. My bare minimum was once a month but that’s not what really expert people say, it should be more. We should be showing up more and for those who saw my other video about the unsubscribes, every time I send out newsletter people unsubscribes but then I get more people coming on. So, don’t forget to connect with your community.

The main reason why they join was to find their life-purpose. Isn’t that interesting? Good.

Another thing was 37% said they want to find the thing that holds them back the most which you, goes hand in hand. Pretty spot on there.

So the other thing that I asked, because I work in Life Purpose and I also do Feminine Embodiment practices, was how important is knowing your life purpose? And the number one thing holding you back? And out of the 77% that says yeah my life purpose is the number one thing, and the other thing is 84% said their life lesson.

What really is a little bit disheartening, I ask just how much time do you take out for yourself and quite a few people, I did from 1-5 just tick the box, 5 being the most. And a lot of people they were around about 2. And I go oh okay there’s something in that.

And the other thing was, how do you see yourself as a Goddess? As a Goddess in the world, and from that 1-5, the average was around two and a half. So I went okay need a little bit of work on that.

Another question I asked was age group. So this is really important. And I did really big ranges. So most of my people, most of the people that joined my community is the age from 41-60. So I know that’s a big group. And the next one below is a 26-40, that helps with that. What gender are you? No surprises there, 98% are Goddesses.

And I had 2 beautiful men fill in the survey as well. Which brings me to a point today. So I got this message from this beautiful man today and he said to me, I’m loving the videos, do you just work with women? And yeah, I had to sit back with that actually and I went – Well everybody has hands, everybody has a purpose not just women, but I know as well definitely more women come to me to find out their life purpose but I’ve done many hands- many life purpose reading for men but just not as many as women. Ans I just got to thinking when he write that me is well. He tells me from enjoying the videos, and I take some of your advice even though you work with women. He actually told me that even if you’re a man, you can get your life purpose hands read.

The other question I asked was, What would you like to see more of? And this is a great question to ask, because here I am doing things about Goddess stuff, and yeah they do want to know about that. but most of all they wanted to know about hand analysis and life purpose. 80% of people wanted to know that.

And these were questions that I did, I let you pick 7 things. So when I’m saying percentages, don’t add them up to 100 if you know what I mean. Of people who did that, 80& said yes – hand analysis. 50% said yes – more about being a Goddess. 40% want to know Business tips and tricks which is interesting, and I also put in there 44% of those ticked home study courses. I put that in a another question too.

There’s a lot of you that tells me that you can’t come to life events all the time, but you could be interested in doing a home study course.

So, I also asked the question- Are you a raving fan of Goddess on Purpose? And that’s always a bit tricky right? I’m all for feedback, I love feedback. And you do have to do the Sandwich Feedback, so start with something good, then the one you can improve on, and end with something good. From 1-5, with 5 being the highest, 1 being the lowest. I got an average of 3.75. I’m pretty happy with that, I didn’t get any 1, I got a few 2’s though but again, that’s something I can improve on. And a lot of these people were new.

Another question I asked was – How much would you invest on yourself for e-courses, gatherings, retreats, business courses, private mentoring, etc. And this is really interesting, more so when they want to work with me or putting offers out there. There’s no sense in putting this $15,000, $20,000 offer out there, which I have in the past, but most the people, and again these are the people that have filled this in, this is not everybody. Remember, just take a snippet of your community.

The survey was, it came out most people are in the $150-$500 range, that’s the amount that they would invest in themselves, on a course, on a workshop, anything like that. That’s really good to know, and I still did have people go on the upper levels, right up to the $20,000 the $6,000 and it really depend because I left that question open, and I got a lot of good responses of why they would invest in this and have they in the past. So that one is really good.

So the last one that I have here was I asked if they wanted to join my community, because I shared this with my own list of people, like people who have already joined my emailing list. And I also put on Facebook’s. So from that, there was 31 people who weren’t even on my list, who filled this in. So there was many reasons, maybe they wanted a hand reading. There are 31 people who are new to the community now because of this and that’s a great thing, I’m really pleased about that. And again, I’m so thankful that you filled it in for me. And 1 person said no thank you, but most of the people were already on the list. The other 57% who are already there. So that showed me that for them to take the time out, again, awesome.

If you have any questions of how I did this, just let me know. Here’s where the real stuff comes, you know. I’m not going to name any names. This is when I went through this, what I found out about you and how I could serve you, and what keeps us up at night because that was one of the questions I asked. And what’s the major problem that you want a solution for and a.k.a what keeps you up at night.

And, I’m just going to hear a couple of these. One of them said- “The fear of starting out and finding out that I get bored far too quickly. Spend too much money on training and nothing will come of it.” That she’s not good enough and not good enough to achieve her dreams. The how-to’s.

Another person said- “What keeps you up at night, Clarity. Gaining clarity in relation to life path decisions. Attracting more clients.” Failed marriage came up. Removing the blocks that keep me from my life purpose. How to turn my passion into business and make money. Right down of my marriage. Money going biz going on a new area. Releasing ex-husband. See, there’s a little bit of a theme happening there. Finding myself, building confidence and strength. Dealing with becoming single-mom.

Another one was- “Letting go of the fear that holds me back from fully being sane. My current relationship. What my absolute passion is. Getting it out there in the open.”

“It’s just nickeling in the back there.” Somebody put how to let go of guilt and have fun again. How to become more visible with my online healing.

One that I really circled was feeling align, this is what keeps her up at night. “Feeling align, have amazing plans, so I would love a sister to say that I’ve got your back, you’re amazing, let me walk by your side a little and show you through my eyes.” And I just circled that one because I went yeah that’s part of the main reason why I build this community is to have sisters who got your back every step of the way.

So, another break up of my marriage. Following my passion whilst paying the mortgage. And another is realising what my intuition is, the need to start listening to it even more.

So that was just some of them that came out of me. The things that keep them awake at night. such good stuff and I am so honored that they could be so open with this.

So, I also asked the question- What do you feel, see, or sense as the cost of you not addressing these challenges? Because yeah, there is a cost to not stepping into your purpose and not having a life full of joy.

So some of them were failed relationship, and business I don’t adore and love. Nobody wants that. Self-worth. Its causing them their self-worth, money, relationships. Just not being able to move forward. And like being between a rock and a hard place at the moment.

Somebody else put my health is dependent on her emotional stability. Staying small and staying stuck. Now serving the women who I know would benefit from my programs. That just sparks me, that staying stuck thing. I want you doing your live video. I want you getting out there and communicating with your community enough and showing up. Ironic.

The other thing is, this is what the cost was. Self-worth. Self-worth and makes your high from the spot-light when she know she can do this.

Continue to displace more. Not fulfilling my life purpose could cost me happiness and love. Stress. Sickness. Weight gain. I’m good for a month and then spiral down again. My health is suffering. Peace of mind. Struggling financially and floating from job to job. Yeah, just a bit like me. I was a floater from job to job, trying to really live my life purpose but you know, when the time is right you will step into it.

There was another one that says I am afraid of being judged. So you can see that there’s a theme happening here and missed opportunities was through there as well.

I always believe that there are so many opportunities out there for us, so many. And some we miss but there will always be another one coming along.

So, that’s just goal right there and its like oh I get it now. This is how I can support you. I get it, and I want to do something about it. Pretty much.

I also like to know, I asked the question- what hobbies do you have and what else floats your boat? So I want to know you, what else do you on your spare time, for fun and for joy and to be that balanced. And there was a theme happening in here, a lot of really big creative bunch. So cooking, reading, learning, understanding the real me, sailing, dancing, I love the motorbike, do it yourself, travel, Raiki. Dance, reading craft. Designing and making things. Using my hands to craft. Developing programs. Reading, family time. Yoga. More craft. Growing food, cooking, learning about my intuition. Crystals, jewelry, Dancing, and running. Being around like minded people. Uplifting others and being inspired by successful people. Visiting waterfalls. Spiritual development. Art. Creativities. Spirituality. Knowledge. Art. Painting. Walking in nature.

And I love this one. “Currently, I love checking oracle cards down. Growing vegetables. Cooking. So it gives me a picture of all the beautiful things that you love to do. And some of them have really big answers in there. So always leave some space where people can write their replies in there.

So Vicky says I’m awesome as my creative mind is always running, thank you.

SO the other thing was, and I said it before, I asked how did you find me. And I always put an other because I like them just to tick a box which is easy. but always put an other so that whatever you haven’t written, they can write in as well. And sometimes I’ve done survey and I’ve forgotten the major questions but that’s okay, you get enough information.

The other thing is where they found me through a friend. Julie did my hair at my event. So that was awesome. Someone said- “Can’t remember now, it was years ago.” it could have been somebody else, went to a talk with Wendy Moore. Went through Keli Beverly. I think it was an online affiliate thing that I did. And I can’t remember, it must have been something on the internet.

So again, that tells me that a lot of people- word of mouth. When we find something that we really love, we will share that everywhere. That, I love that.

But basically from that, I’ve gt some really great information and my next job is to start talking about topics that you really want. And definitely I can see from here that this is where I need to go. And a lot of you said that there was home studies. So that’s really something that I haven’t really provided before. So I like that, and I do a lot of home studies myself. For those overseas, you can share your message as wide as the world really. So that’s what I got from there. And I’m a bit of a geek so I like doing this home study thing, but now I know exactly what you want.

So I’m going to pull the 2 people and I would like, the way I’m going to do this, I’ve got the spreadsheet of everybody who put their name in and I need 2 numbers. I need a number between 1 and 200.

That’s another thing with the survey. A lot of people don’t do them unless there’s something that’s in it for them. I totally get that, right. And that’s the thing, you’re going to make it worth their while to do that. So make it worth their while, it doesn’t have to be a $500 gift, you do not have to do that, but the reason why I wanted to do that was because 2 years i wanted to provide an amazing gift for you and I wanted to give back. That was probably my thing but I’ve done surveys where I give them free eBook or a few free videos. So don’t think it has to be live that, I was very generous at the time.

Michaela and she’s from New Zealand. So Michaela, you are getting your free hand reading, and I will contact you. And that’s someone from the UK and that is Sharon. So Sharon, you will be getting a reading. One in New Zealand, and one in UK.

So, thank you so much. I hope that’s been helpful. it definitely has helped me and 2 lucky people are going to get a hand reading as well. You will be seeing a lot more of me. We actually have a hand reading as well. You will be seeing more of me. We actually have a hand training coming up with my beautiful mentor and teacher Pamela Landers. We are doing a 4-day hand training here and its the Finger Print Training 1. And its the first one that I did when I went to the states and did that training. It’s happening in April 20th to the 23rd. And we’re also having like a level 2, its about Gift Markings and your Heart Lines. And there’s a lot of gifted people out here, definitely in my community. And its knowing what gifts you have and how you can implement them and heart lines are all about relationships. They’re all about relationships. You like to be in a relationship, How you relate to people in your relationships and there’s 4 different types.

So I’m really excited, I’m really helping teach with Pamela, the finger prints one, and she’s doing the Gift Marking one. So we’re really excited that and I think that’s it.

I think that’s it for today. Thank you so much.

Have a great weekend, lots of love and thank you for your support here, bye for now.

PS:  you can still fill in the survey at anytime here TAKE SURVEY HERE

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