Take what you want and leave the rest

Good morning everyone. Luanne here. Hopefully you can hear me okay. Just waiting a few seconds with a nice cup of coconut tea. I just wanted to check in today. Yeah, just check in. I think Facebook is an amazing thing. Good morning whoever put that heart up there.

Facebook is an amazing thing right. This morning I got on and I joined somebody else’s live feed. There’s so much out there that we can join and we can learn from other people. People who have got new programmes and new wisdom to share. I’m an avid wisdom seeker, it’s one of the things that really sparks me. I love learning new things, I live connecting with people and hearing their different concepts. Because we’re so bombarded with so much stuff, it’s hard to discern sometimes what is truth and what isn’t.

I’ve noticed over the last couple of weeks there’s been some post about, not gurus. Guru is not the right word. There’s been some leaders out there that I’ve been watching and it’s really interesting because what they’ve put up is basically slamming somebody else’s process, product, service.

I just look at that and I think, who are you to do that? How do you know that they are not reaching the right people? I think everybody who follows other people, they always learn something right? I just think, where do they get off? Anyway. That’s just my little two cents worth.

What I want to say is that, everybody who comes on to Facebook or puts out an email or blog or share some wisdom. There’s always somebody out there who gets the message, no matter what it is. There’s always a match. I just want to say how brave you are, one for getting on there and then just take the information that resonates with you and you’ll know if it resonates with you or not, and leave the rest. Just leave the rest. I just want to give a big shout out to all the people who are actually so brave in putting their work out there in whatever shape or form. Sometimes it’s the same message, it’s just in a different form.

We take all this information in and then we turn it all up through our filters and then we spew it out, so to speak, in your message. Hi Libby. You beautiful woman. I just think it brings up something to me about community.

In hands, like purpose, our left hand thumbprint. It’s all about community. We are community creatures. We want to belong to different communities, we want to be with our people and we want to inspire each other with the same message. You will be attracted to different groups. Find your community, find who resonates with you and it’s okay to be in more than one community. This is the thing. Some teachers out there, they’ll come on and they’ll go, you need to just learn from me.

Everything that I say is the thing. I think it’s changing now. I think people are wising up. They are totally wising up. Yes, yes Gigi, the left hand thumb. It’s all about community. Sometimes we don’t feel like … We feel like we’re the black sheep. If it’s your life lesson, you’re the black sheep of your family, you’re just different.

You feel different and then you go, who are these people? Why am I in this family? You are in the perfect family because they are going to teach you things when you go out into the world. Really what you do is you are there to create your own community.

Where’s your tribe? Have you found your tribe? I’m in quite a few different communities. I will go to one community, they will give me what I need on that particular thing that I’m searching for. Then I’ll join another community and another community and another community. All the time building my own community.

That’s what I’m seeing on Facebook these days, is these circles that you can join, there’s different groups. The one that I saw this morning, she called it the Lady-preneur group. I just thought that was amazing. I just congratulate her, that’s so cool. When you are learning different things from people, just check in with yourself. What’s your reality? What are you getting from this and really embody that?

We can’t always do things from the mind, we have to physically bring it into out body, our soul and churn it all up and then go about our business. That’s my little two cents worth today. It’s a real short one, I just want to commend everybody who is so brave out there and who are working through their fear to show up and share their message, because it’s always somebody who needs to hear it. Always.

That’s it. I don’t even know if there’s any comments here. Yeah. Big love to you. Go and make a change in the world. Learn what you have to do and share it. Be brave, share what you know with somebody else because your interpretation of it might be the thing that really hits them.

They’ve might have heard it five times before but you’re the one who actually have decoded it for them and given it to them in a way that they can actually hear. Big love. Happy Wednesday. Bye for now.

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