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The best way to use your Affirmations


If affirmations don’t work for you, consider the fact that you may be investing your energy and hope into

(a) unrealistic ones you don’t really believe in or
(b) generic affirmations that are too vague and broad-ranging.

The key to making affirmations work is two-fold:
• Be specific. Take your affirmation from pie-in-the-sky platitude to something you can achieve
• Make sure you believe in the message at a gut level

Anyone can say: “I am a millionaire right now”, but that is not really an affirmation—it’s wishful thinking.

On the other hand, telling yourself daily: “I have a millionaire mindset” can be a powerful boost to your confidence and outlook, if you pair it with a plan of action.

Do you use Affirmations ?
Post one that you love below.

One of my favourites is: “I am always Divinely Guided in my Purpose”

Another one:

“I am always looked after, Trust, Trust, Trust”

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