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The Ground Just Shook

Well, that was interesting.

We just had an earthquake here in Melbourne. Apparently 5.8 on the Richter scale.

I was fixing my hair when all of a sudden the room shook and my dog Nala who was on the bed shot up quickly and just looked at me.

Then my teenage children came bolting out of the door (the only thing that wakes them at 9.15 am in the morning !) and we all came together and fixed the couple of photos that tipped over.

Now I am a Kiwi and in New Zealand, we were actually taught earthquake drills at school as they were quite common for us.

Still, nothing really prepares you when the earth is shaking and you run to get under the doorways or the table for protection.

For some, it was a sign that mother earth is nudging us to wake up.

Whether she is angry at the way we are treating each other as human beings or just warning us that to be more grateful for being alive, it certainly reminds me to just take a moment and pause.

Do you need a “Pause” right now to get really clear on what the next steps for you to express your Purpose are?

Do you need to “pause” right now and evaluate what’s most or who is most important in your life right now?

We have not all been living under a rock for the past 2 years, and teaching Hand analysis to others has given me even more opportunity to go deeper into my own soul and personal psychology.

One of my life lessons can represent as Victim, Shame, & Numbness.

Whoa – heavy right! I don’t want to ever be called a Victim – but I have seen where I can certainly numb myself out (tv, wine, overwork) then the shame will set in. I have also seen where I was playing the victim.

The way through to your purpose is to reverse your life lessons, so in this case, it is to flip into really being Passionate about something, rising off the couch for a cause so to speak.

Light that fire up – but of course there are triggers along the way.

The best way to support oneself is to just be conscious when the triggers appear.

Look at what is happening and how you are feeling and actually feel it.

One of my teachers often says: Feel the anger, feel the fear (or insert the contracted state here), then move into the opposite feeling state. That being the expanded feeling state: gratitude, love (insert your expanded state here)

You can never be in both “States” at the same time.

Interesting right.

I love that quote “we are all just souls walking each other home” and I often think that sometimes that walk is fun and sometimes it’s just downright painful like you have walked so far and the blisters are showing up. Then just before you walk another step – your friend passes you the box of band-aids, you pop them over your blisters and wait for them to heal while you keep walking forward and you start to feel better.

Some friends will walk beside you for a while,

Some will fall back behind you while 

Some will sprint up front paving the way.

What matters is that you keep moving forward gorgeous. Even if you need to take a little pause some days – know that someone is always thinking about you and wishing you well.

Today it is me <3

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