The Inner game of Standing out – are you ready ?

I believe anyone wanting to make a positive difference with their work need to read this.

There is a new generation of Thought-Leader emerging. 

There is room for you in this group. 

Whether you are wanting to focus on inspiring change in your local community or grow an international business, the question is:

Do you have the courage and the skills to be one of these Thought-Leaders who impacts lives and has financial freedom as a result?

(My mentors/my friends) Datta and Rachael Jayne Groover are leading a FREE 3-hour Livestream Training on how to go from being a service provider to being a Thought-Leader who impacts lives and has financial freedom — without having a best-selling book, wildly successful blog, or podcast.

I am recommending this to every entrepreneur I know (or those thinking of starting their own business).

This livestream will show you how to move from ordinary to extraordinary in a crowded marketplace.  We all have to get honest, which is getting harder to do. Rachael Jayne and Datta have lived the transformation they talk about.


They are the creators of Art of Feminine Presence®, Business Leadership Mastery®, and other trainings held worldwide. As inspirational speakers, trainers, and coaches, they have built a multi-7-figure business teaching in the area of Spiritual Growth, Leadership, and Business.  They serve thousands of men and women who are committed to their spiritual growth and are making a positive impact in the world.


Register here:


In this free LIVE 3-hour training they are going to show you:

  • The inner game of standing out and being an inspirational leader
  • How to create ‘raving fans’ all over the world who share your work with other ideal clients in massive numbers.
  • How to effectively work with your fear, so you don’t shy away from being seen and heard in a larger way
  • How to ‘own the stage’ as a thought leader and connect with people instantly.
  • The 5 Pillars to becoming one of the new generation of Thought-Leaders

Here’s the link again:


Blissings Luanne Awaken your Impact


I hope you take the time to watch it.  Feel free to forward this on to anyone this could serve.

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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