The lesson from jealous sisters

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This weekend I had the awesome gift of having a mother/daughter day in the beautiful city of Melbourne.

We went to see the Stage show THE BODYGUARD. Did you see the movie that came out quite a while ago now, with Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner as the lead roles.

She was so dynamic and he was soooo smooth (yes I did swoon for him in this movie). But again as in a lot of movies there always the normal stereotypes of Damsel in Distress, Gets saved by Heroic man, live happily ever after with a lot of filler in between.

Except on this movie the Damsel in distress is actually being scared and “Taught a lesson” by her very own sister.

Now I won’t do the spoiler alert thing – but really this is a story about a Jealous sister whose dreams were taken over by her more talented sister.

Her sister was the better singer or rather she took the spotlight away from her.

It was actually really sad to watch in the version of the Stage show as you went on the journey of the jealous sister.

What struck me is that she worked for the FAMOUS sister during the day. They clearly loved each other but there was some harbouring of bad feeling that had never been fully expressed.

Siblings in general fight and push each others boundaries as they grow up, there will be jealousies and envy – like “I wanted that dress” or you “stole my (insert your own thing) …….unnamed (2)

And if you do not talk about this eventually it can start to show up in your life later. You can love and “not love” your sisters at different times during your life – BUT clear that stuff up as soon as you can emotionally handle it.

Parents can consciously or unconsciously make sisters compete. No one wants to feel the less favourite child. It always fascinates me the dynamics of family.

Anyhoooooo end of the story the stage show was Amazing, my daughter and I loved spending the time together and we discussed it afterwards what it would feel like to not live your dream and how jealousy can hurt you more than the other person if you don’t love yourself enough.

Working with mainly women and community I have seen jealousy rip people apart. I’ve felt the wrath from “sisters” who were jealous, and it all stems from not having enough self-love to project outside of yourself. I myself have felt jealous, I would not be authentic if I said otherwise – we are all human and we all do.

It’s what you do with it that can make the difference.

It can inspire you to try things you haven’t done before

It can be a great time to go within and do shadow work

And you can start with forgiveness. Of yourself and of the person you feel jealous of. Most of the time they have no idea of how you feel, nor should they be held responsible for it. It’s an inside job.

And woman – we need our Sisters !!!!! So much.

Sisterhood is strengthunnamed (3)

Sisterhood is nourishing

Sisterhood is Love

Sisterhood is truth

It’s just an emotion that is showing you what might need some attention in your life right now.

Don’t push it away and if you are on the receiving end of jealousy – let that go also. Have compassion, but don’t put up with shit ok.

Have a great week sister

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