They will laugh at you, but do It anyway ❤️❤️❤️

Hi everyone Luanne here, Chief-Goddess at Goddess on Purpose. Checking in today, I have been a little bit under the weather last week or kind of this week leading up to here so I still have a bit of a sexy voice going on. But I wanted to check-in, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything or a video anyway. I’ve been working on the background on a couple of projects and just bringing it up today. We’ve got our AFP (Art of Feminine Presence) weekend coming up this Friday. 3-days of awesomeness with over a hundred women and we’re doing/learning the At Feminine Presence with Rachel Jane Groover. (yes you can still come if you like). And I’m really excited to be going there and seeing the ones that I know and meeting new women there and the buzz that comes from that when women are fully in their power, their feminine power and that which is soft and sensual and we are also warrior like when it needs to be. I’m really excited about being part of that, that’s in Melbourne. The other part was that, yes, I wanted to share today. I was reading something late last night, I clicked on a link as you do when you’re on Facebook and it was a Marie Forleo link and she’s awesome right. I haven’t done her programs or anything like that but I love what her messages in the world. And I just clicked onto this thing and read a few lines and what really struck for me was the lines that said, and I am totally paraphrasing here – If you are going to make an impact and a difference in people’s lives and help them through transformation, there will be people who will laugh at you, and who will make fun of what you do. That’s what I read. I think that’s what I read and I don’t even know the person she was interviewing. And it kind of made me think, right, that is so true being in an industry, the self-development industry as I am and many other coaches of people out there. We’re helping people transform their lives in whichever area they choose. And sometimes we can use these different practices that are kind of out there or just out of the norm. Even putting up videos that you’re out in the world and you’re saying stuff and not everybody is going to get you. Not everybody is going to love you. And so what happens is, they will laugh. Or they will strike out in a certain way but not to make you afraid of that, totally when that happens know that your message is reaching people and really bring it back to caring for your client or the person that is in front of you that you’re helping. I just wanted to just share that today. The other thing is I had a couple of awesome hand-readings this week and they’re all awesome, what am I saying, they’re all awesome and I myself learned something new every time when I interact with somebody and give them this beautiful wisdom that is in their hands. And sometimes they go in kind of funny places. You think you’re coming in for one thing and you’re leaving with another. I was touched today by a beautiful couple I did a hand reading with and it just brought me back to this vulnerability and being authentic in our connections with people and moreso people that we love, and we’re in a relationship with and that’s kind of the realtionship place where we can open up, but I just want to give a big shout out to them for letting me witness that. So that’s my check-in today, I’m going to take my little dog for a walk and preparing for our weekend. Lot;s of different things coming up in Goddess on Purpose, you can go over to the events page Lots of love bye for now. Blissings, Luanne Try out our 10-Day Life Purpose Challenge

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