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Tips that may help when you are struggling to find the funds for something you really desire ❤

Hello everyone, Luanne here live on Facebook and Instagram. I’m getting good at this thing, I hope. 

So I wanted to just check in today, happy Friday. It is Friday over here in Australia over the side of the world. But I wanted to check in today and share a couple of tips about how to find some funds when you’re struggling to find something that you really want. 

And the reason why I’m saying that is because I’ve been chatting with a couple of people about joining the Hand Analysis Academy, so we got a new intake in March, Life Purpose and your fingerprints and all that but this could be for anything, it doesn’t have to be for that. I was having this chat I’m thinking – wow there’s a couple of things here they could actually do. And its calling in abundance but in kind of a, there’s a few practical things you can do, a few spiritual things you can do, there’s a few energetic things you can do right. And please if you’ve got a method yourself, pop it in the comments below. 

This is something that I’ve done before and especially if you’ve got healing businesses as well or you’re kind of hiding out with that and you need to get a few more clients to get the money to pay for something you really desire or get that in the end. 

First thing that you can do is actually be open to receiving. I know that sounds so weird, why wouldn’t you be open to receiving abundance in. But sometimes there’s a blocker there, there’s an unconscious thing of like – if I can really get that thing that I really want, it may mean this. So sometimes, unconsciously we’re like  – oh I can never, kind of these thoughts, I can’t get that because… So first of all, be open, and one way you can do that is physically be open, physically open up your body, put them up in the air and just consciously say that – okay I am open to receive. That is one way, be open. 

The second thing you can is clear out some clutter. This is one of my absolute favorites, you do not have to change a whole house or just do the whole garage all at once, it can be quite overwhelming but pull-out a drawer, pull-out your cutlers, start with the cutler drawer if you have to decide. Or your desk drawer, how many pens does one person need really. Declutter, so you’re physically clearing out the space throw things out, be really ruthless, right. Because when you clear out the clutter, things that you don’t want and you don’t need, more goodness comes in right, that flow comes in. That’s one of my favorite ways, that one. 

Another way is to expect the funds to come in but not in the way that you would normally do it. It’s this feeling of – okay I need, for instance, $300 this month to join this program that I’m really wanting to join. But you’re overthinking in your mind – how am I going to do that? And then you get a refudn on your insurance in the mail. Its a way that’s unexpected. So you don’t have to work it out in a way of I need to do this many hours, I need to do this many things, just expect it in a different way. Let it show up that way. 

Now, those three are kind of energetic ways, but there are some practical things that you can do. I was speaking to somebody this morning and she makes and crafts jewellery. Wow, okay, how much is each piece? So she basically reads for this person, or reads the energy and then she’ll create a piece for them. I’m like – great, so you wanted to do the program, how many peices would you have to do to do that? So there’s a practical way, work out what kind of offerings that you have to make to actually pay for that thing that you want. Her peices were like $50USD and I’m like wow, that’s, first of all I would put that price up, feels like she puts a lot of time, its one-off  piece that she has to make that way and then put some offerings out. So we were talking about how she could show up more in social media, just let people know that she’s actually out there and she does this amazing pieces for you. 

Somebody else I’m speaking to and she’s like well, she wanted to join this membership group that has an offering and she’s like – well I should just go and do more hands or something. And I’m like – yeah, do that. Put an offering out. So when I went to learn my hand analysis, it was like twele years ago now, I didn’t know how to do hands but I knew that it was very valuable and I knew that it wasn’t like a $20 thing. Scientific Hand Analysis, if you are thinking of joining the group, I will teach you not to just give things away. This is self-worth, middle-finger issue right, irresponsibility, that kind of thing, and not getting paid for your work.  When I travelled to the US, there’s an investment in there, and I paid for the course and I paid for a year long. But what I did when I did the first course, I actually told people that I was going. I told people that I was doing this thing because I was so super excited about it and would they be interested when I learned enough to have a reading. And have the energy exchange of getting paid for it. And they were like – hell yeah! Because they could pick up on my energy as well because I was excited, and they will if you are excited. And so I came back and I did their hands. When you come into the Hand Analysis Academy, the first 8 weeks is learning about the fingerprints. And there are all these other amazing stuff, gift markings and all that. You can actually do a reading, and I did readings, just on te fingerprints which is one of the most important anyway. Its not the only thing but they are the souls purpose, lesson, and school. So you can already pre-book people is what I’m saying. 

And don’t expect the funds in a certain way was one of the people in my class, she was a massseuse and she actually wanted the funds for the year long which was 5-figures. She was in a masseuse place and she was massaging this man who have been one of her clients for a long time and always came to her, and she was telling him about this course. And it was arounf $25,000USD I think it was, and he was like – I’m going to pay for it for you. I swear, no lie. And she’s like – are you serious? So she was open to recieve, she was open to receive because it was a huge gift. He did not want her to pay it back, he just felt her energy and said – I want to pay this for you. He’s been coming to her for years, with her beautiful healing hands, and she wanted to do her healing hands in a different form. So again, that is another example of that. 

So, do you have any ways, do you have ways of creating abundance in your life whether it be energetic or practical tips. Its always good to put an invitation out if you are in business, put more invitations out to your tribe. We quite often think that – oh they’ll see my Facebook. Facebook is gone, this will be gone and nobody will see this tomorrow unless I put it on Youtube and send this out to my email list which I’m going to but again, keep inviting. Keep inviting, keep sharing, and coming from the heart. 

So that is it from me. I am very excited because I’ve got the Goddess Gathering tonigt. And I’ve got to go and cleanup. I’ve got to set it up, I’m going to channel in what we’re going to do and Kaia is going to bring her beautiful magic. She’s a maori like me from New Zealand and I think it’s going to be really special. So we have one place left, its a very small intimate group and I don’t know whether I’ll be doing it again. 

Lot’s of love. If you want to come to the Goddess Gathering private message me, I’ve got one spot left. If you are interested in joining the Hand Analysis Academy, its a year-long program, it starts in March. And if you want 2021 investment prices, I’m giving you some ways if you’re searching for the funds that you can join us, then come along and just private message me or go on the link. 

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