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Weekly PURPOSE message – Joy, Simplicity, Teamwork

Good morning beautiful ones. Hello goddess sisters, how are you today? Happy Monday in true Melbourne fashion, we had 27 degrees over the weekend and today it is raining but that is spring so I hope your October got off to a great start.

You had your word for the intention and today I am doing the purpose message. so I’ve got some cool cards today, these are the coffee oracle by Michelle temple Forrest and I’ve tagged her in this video here. and it comes, there’s 80 I think, there’s clipping like 80 different cards here and it came in this beautiful bag. look at that hand I think it well yes, it’s just gorgeous with a beautiful crystal. awesome and so Michelle has a page connecting with clarity and these she, how these were created is that she would make her coffee in the morning, and then she would look at the cream, I think on the top of the coffee. and then should take a photo, put it up into her group and discuss what would people see in the coffee. I think it’s a great idea. so she created these, I know she’s got many many more to come out of to be created to add to this deck but I just love them. and there’s no book with it because they have the message there and there’s a beautiful mantra on the bottom. so that is what I’ve been playing with, and I just they are square they are just gorgeous at my hands, they feel good and I’m loving them I’ve been playing with them all weekend. hey, christy how are you? gorgeous you might like these cards, these are just so great. 

so we are going to do three cards: one for your purpose, one for your presence, and one for-profit or your abundance and just randomly. and see what these beautiful cards come out with. now I know Michelle does a reading over readings over on her page. uses different decks and also her own, there’s quite a lot of them so so you can go and check her out over there. but I’m going to be playing with these with this for this week so let’s oh gosh let’s. 

a little bit tired today, oh just be going down the rabbit hole. all these awesome people coming up with all these videos of what’s going on in the world and it’s okay we’re going to be safe. just it’s okay, just the calm before the storm and then you know everything’s going to be fine. yeah just stay in that truth well that’s my truth. 

anyway, okay so the first card today oh this is it’s called puppy. now there’s no picture on these they’re all the same but the message. so whoever we’re looking at this it looked like a puppy in the coffee cream, so puppy and this is about purpose right. so the puppy is joy, play, affection, and puppy symbolize affection and reminds us to be playful, enjoy every minute we have. also may represent the first stages of a relationship which needs nurturing to develop trust, and the mantra is “I take time for myself to play”. and I love this, I mean you think of puppies, I have a dog called Nala she’s not a puppy anymore though she’s – she’s a staffy so they’re always puppies I think. and she gives me so much joy and you know sometimes she has a mind of her own when we’re out going for walks so she’s like yeah I might give her a command to come over and she’s like not today mum, not today I’m off doing my own thing. so puppies can do that and same with your purpose right. so I love the words here, it says joy, play, and affection so to be on purpose it has to come from our joy, come from our joy, be playful for it. yes our purpose can be very serious but we don’t have to stay in that seriousness of it, you know, we’re expansive beings. we’re expansive beings and to reach and there’s also this part that there’s no pinnacle of our purpose, it’s just something that we’ve come in to do. we find it and we express it and it can change in the expression along the way much like a puppy. right when we’re out it’s like you can do this, they just do whatever they want but they follow their joy which kind of is a reminder for us to follow our joy in our purpose and that makes it comes to fruition. well actually when I say fruition as I said, there’s no endpoint with that purpose, it just happens all the time right. we’re in it, you know when we know it we’re on that path and that’s kind of something I’ve been doing this weekend. no social media for me this weekend is a bit just planning out you know, planning and what does my purpose look like asking deeper questions of that you might want to be asking deeper questions of yourself with your purpose. 

okay so that’s the purpose one, our next one is our presence. and presence is how we show up. presence is how we attract things, our magnetism, our energy right. are we all scattered and scared and fearful which closes that down while we open and keep want to keep exploring and showing up how we are. I know it’s been said showing up authentically, being in our truth, and there’s a beautiful way to decide. you know when we’re in our truth is just hold a hand on heart, hand on heart. when you’re talking about something or you’re talking with someone, maybe they don’t agree with what you’re saying but if you can hold your hand on your heart and be in that presence. it doesn’t matter, they don’t have to agree with you right. so the card is the bicycle, see I love these, they’re so good they make me so happy. Michelle, you did a beautiful, beautiful channel there. so bicycle progress, journey, simplicity. so this is relating to our presence, seeing a bicycle in your cup is a hint that you will reach somewhere. this could either be your motivation or your plan. it does suggest that perhaps a simpler lifestyle will lead to greater happiness. oh, this is so beautiful, I am simply on a journey of happiness. so again presence, when we are happy and joyful and at the moment, right at the moment, not out there thinking oh what’s going to happen or what do I have to do over here and not thinking about the past. the past is gone right, yes we have to come to terms with some of that and do the healing on that but don’t stay there and don’t be so far in the future. that’s interesting as I was playing over the weekend I’m like well you know there were moments where I’m like what, why even go a year out, two years out, three years out, and we can right, we can but I’m not saying I’m not living there. so the presence and also simplicity right, I’m still I have one of my I guess practices is to keep things simple, keep my business simple, I don’t have 55 programs, I’ve got two right, hand analysis and step out and shine for your business that’s it right. the other work of the goddess work comes in as practices but that’s not what I’m, it’s not what I’m not about. it’s a do I can use those practices to amplify the other two things right. so keeping that simple and then keeping life simple right. we don’t have to strive for all these things right, I’m sitting here I’ve got an iPad, a laptop, I’ve got a computer next to me, I’m thinking I need to get rid of one of these things like there’s too many, there’s too many things here and clothing. I’ve got I do declutter a lot but you know I need to do that regularly as I bring something in to have to go out keeping it simple so does that. when you okay so I’m just relating that back to presence, when you keep things clearer, when you have fewer things, your presence can be amplified better and so you need to create space to draw things to you that’s that one okay. 

and the last one is about profit. profit abundance, profit and everything right. so oh I love this, and the card is the ant. look I’m just showing you the card here so yeah. maybe I could just show them so you can freeze the video if you’re watching it. so the ant right, we’re thinking of ants and this is so cool. the ant – strength, teamwork, diligence, so when an ant appears in your cup it suggests that the task ahead is a big one. oh yeah, big things are happening all at all of you healers and coaches and counsellors and spiritual entrepreneurs out here, big things are happening and that is why it’s a time to prepare because when all this stuff comes out you know as we’re going through this change, people are going to need us. well, they need us anyway but you know people are going to need us on a different level. so when the enterprise in your cup suggests that the task ahead is a big one, but there is no need to do this on your community. enlist a team of people or friends to achieve what has to be done. breaking it down into smaller components is the solution and the mantra is “I am blessed with friends and colleagues who help me achieve greatness”. yes yes the village, I talk about the village all the time right, so everyone in the village has their task, has their job, and you know it has their gifts so we go to each other and we exchange gifts with them so we do not have to do this alone right. you think you’re out there alone but we’re not, we’re all connected in some way but we’re all unique as well. so when you need this help, go and get it, go and ask for it, go and pay for it. you know again your genius is like we never find the answer in one place. so you may be thinking looking at somebody else’s business right and you’re like oh my god I wish I had that, well they didn’t do it on them by themselves, I trust me they do not do it by themselves. they have help, they have a virtual assistant, they have a web designer, they have a coach. very important right to keep them on track and it’s much better when it’s fun like we are. we’re feminine beings we need to be around in the red tent right, we need to be surrounded by each other, supporting each other, so then the work gets done. like many many hands make light work. 

so that is it so I’m going to put them up. there’s the puppy, there’s the bicycle, and there is the ant. and I just love these, and you can go and go and get them you can purchase some of these. I think she just did a run of her cards, she might have a couple of sets left but if you want these go over and check her out. so they are just gorgeous, awesome, light, and just what I need for this week. 

so I hope that message, you know, resonates with you. lots of love to you this week. let me know what you’re doing. click share or like. I’m starting up a new youtube channel. I worked out that my old one just wasn’t the right one, so there are two kinds right, you can have two kinds. so I’ve got a new youtube channel, I have two subscribers on there as opposed to the 100 or so on the other one. not huge but I’m getting help doing that and I’m sticking with that project. that one project and finishing it so if you’ve got some projects that you haven’t have in progress right now complete it, break it down, don’t know why I said that I just wanted to. okay, my loves see you next week and I’ll be in here. share you know if you’ve got a blog that you want to share the many many women in here have got such great work and please post it, post it here and see you later bye-bye.

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