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Miracles, Emerging, Acceptance: Weekly Purpose Message

It’s been an interesting start to the year and as things still feel like they are a little bit up in the air – for those who feel we are the owners of our own destiny … not just waiting for life to “happen” to us, then time will reveal what where we are being called to next. Sometimes I still feel weird about sharing “certain” work that I do publicly and I giggle to myself a little. That “feeling” I know needs to be gently reminded that “it’s ok, it’s you….. and you hate masks btw so time to show up where you want to”. I normally find a word that sets the “Theme” for my year, but this year it has eluded me somewhat. I’m waiting for something profound to “Drop in”. I want my Theme to be “Power” or “Embodied”, “Shine” or “insert something inspiring, but I’m just not feeling it. Perhaps “Real” could be it or “Follow the Guidance”, Maybe it’s “Ownership” or “Brave” (no it’s not brave that goes in the line above. But whatever it is I know it will show up soon. Until then I will be exploring and asking better questions of my next steps. Hope you are feeling into some cool stuff, or not, life is not “Cool” all the time, but I know there is a little bit of planning going on this week and all will unfold when it needs to. Have a great week and many blissings (like blessings but better;))

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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