What attracted you to hand analysis?

Have you ever had somebody ask you, “why is it that you do a certain thing?,” right? Whether that be “why is it you do the certain job?” “Why is it you like this certain hobby?”  

Hi, I’m Luanne Mareen of goddessonpurpose.com and the Hand Analysis Academy. I’m doing these short quick videos to get scientific hand analysis out there to show people how powerful it is to find your purpose to step into your Joy to bust through those blocks.  

And, so, today I had a conversation with somebody who was thinking about joining me at the Scientific Hand Analysis Academy and it was this question she asked “why… what drew you to scientific hand analysis?” and at that moment I just went “oh, that’s such a great question.” People have asked me that before but from her it seemed like she was really inquiring as to the question was “how can I… how can this benefit me?” and “why would I want to do it?” And so, I really thought about that and I just thought, I’ve always been a seeker. I’ve always wanted to know exactly what I wanted. I answered the question with I think perhaps I wanted a label even though we don’t want labels. I wanted to have my purpose and a statement told to me in black and white because I’m very logical even though I’m a spiritual based person but I’m like, I want it in black and white. Don’t give me any of that wee woo stuff and this is what when I had my hand read, this is what it gave me. Right, I have this beautiful reading from one of my three teachers that I’ve learned this craft from and she pretty much gave it to me. In this sentence and that structure that I actually… my soul already knew what it was. I hadn’t told anybody before. I hadn’t really been braved enough to tell people what my soul’s purpose really was. So, I wanted that validation and that is exactly what you know, getting your hands read, gives you that validation, it gives you that clarity. It’s not just me, of course, I teach this so, you’re probably thinking “oh, she just wants people to get their hands ready” well, yeah, I do. No doubt about it. I do but because I know the power. And this is not for everybody… it is just not for everybody. So, I was talking to this woman I said “I’m not attached to the outcome, if you get your hands read or if you join me but what I am attached to is that you, you find a way to express your purpose, you find a way to get into that joy and to use that creativity that she has in some kind of either business or just for the joy doing it. That is the power of knowing what your purpose is.  

Now, I’m not teaching you anything about the hands today, I’m really just telling you what it did to me and what it can actually do for you. If you are in that search mode if you’re really looking for just ways to cut through the resistance when you see it in the map of your hands.  

So, that’s it for me. You can like, share, or put a comment below and until my next video. Many blessings. Bye for now.  

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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