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What Donna says about Hand Analysis Academy?

Today I want to share with you an email that came to me recently from a student in the Hand Analysis Academy: 

Kia Ora Luanne Mareen,
Someone is knocking at your Door?

Luanne Mareen is who inspires motivates me with her work On Purpose, Hand Analysis, Step out & Shine & Our Goddess Circle Tribe.
What gets me about her work is she is passionate, speaks from her heart & has this flow about her that I connect with easily which I find hearty 
Her Spirit gets me every time as she shares her story with Passion & Love.  

Why? because I know that connection.
I  look forward to seeing Luanne posts, live shows. 
Even the timing of some her work is spot on ..Like Magic..I Love Magic…

Clarity of my Early days

As a child my upbringing was Catholic where I learnt a lot of the catholic faith rituals,  Holy communal was an altar girl, loved ringing the bell with insense blowing all over the show.

My Mother Angela was brought up as a baby by the Sisters of The Home of Compassion, Island Bay Wellington hence the catholic upbringing, she was my greatest teacher & at an early time in my life 19,  I was to say goodbye to her as we laid her body to rest then a year later my father 
Another chapter was written for my life, therefore, I completed my mothers’ book & balance was what was to be.

11 years of age I choose to leave the catholic faith & live my spiritual life to the fullest. I met an amazing person Chrissy who is 20 years older than me & I see her as an older sister, she taught me a lot, her friends shared a lot of insights into spiritualism teaching, they were martial arts teachers, dragon people & spiritual teachers. 

14 years age I left mainstream college for Turakina Maori Girls College, Mainstream was not working for me because I wanted to learn my heritage Maori.
This is where I excel in my academic learning, dance, singing & Maori Culture Performance. 
 Mauri (Life Force Energy) Body Mind Spirit. 

This is my childhood journey with Spirit.
Leading with purpose, I get it..
Today’s Chaotic times. 
Some of Us were sent here on a Mission as Lightworkers & I am reminded I am one..
Souls Purpose is in my hands, it is what I have been learning lifetime.

Back to Now.. how did we crossed paths..all I remember was tapping the keyboard & there you were (I’m glad I did),  you intrigue me with Hands Analysis & now I’m in Hands Analysis Academy where I’m learning about Hands. I am learning something that I never thought I would do. 

I am slowly reading peoples hands & have photos of a few hands to read. I will be reading others hands too.   
I wanted to say to Luanne Mareen thank you from my heart for being you, bringing reminding me of my Purpose in life, love in Joy. 

Your Craft is powerful & you are tooo…

That’s me knocking at your door woman…The door was open & gonna leave it how it was.
Donna Marie

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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