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What I got from the weekend – Community rocks !!!!

What I got from the weekend – Community rocks !!!! //coursesclasses/ for other events xxx Hi everyone! Luanne here, Chief-Goddess at Goddess on Purpose. How’s your day going? It’s beautiful here in Melbourne, all those with kids I hope you’re enjoying the school holidays. Mine are actually away at the moment so its pretty quiet here. I just wanted to pop in and say hi. I came back from the Gold Coast, Sunday and just – Hi Jenny! I was just going to talk about you. I just wanted to check in today because I got back from the Gold Coast and really inspired to say hi and went up there for one of my friends Patty-Ann, her Vajayjay Diaries. It was a beautiful weekend. WE stayed, or I stayed with 2 others in Jenny’s house on the beach there, it was amazing. It just reminded me of that beautiful time that you need with women, and the beautiful space and we went along to Patty-Ann’s event, had a great night, she rocked it out, 190 people I think were there. And she’s going to do the next one, Jupiters, next year so look out for that. And then on Sunday, I went and did a workshop – The Life Purpose Embodiment Workshop. And something really beautiful happened. When I do these workshops – Hi Marie nice to see you! When I do these workshops, I think we have around 18 people there, mostly woman and one man, it was so cool. And clearly it was about our Life Purpose. Out Life Purpose which show up in our fingerprints. Our Life Lesson, the thing that holds us back. And I went through some practices, and I had a look at their hands. And the beautiful thing that happened was I caught up with some old friends that I’ve known for many years, and I met some really new friends there, and some people that I have never known. It was actually at a friend of mine’s house, and she had some friends there but what I loved about it was sitting in that room, and looking at everybody and the way their connected. And I think that its cool that like-minded soul come together. And I shared with them some great wisdom in the hands that can show up for you. And some of them are going to get their hands read too which is awesome. And then also some Purpose Embodiment Practices. So its one thing to know the Life Purpose and its another to actually embody it as what you’ve heard me say before. But what I loved about that was the connections. The biggest thing, its not the biggest thing but its one of the major thing is that the way people who come together and like-minded, how the can connect and it was great to see people taking numbers and connecting. There was one lady from Melbourne who moved up to the Gold Coast who didn’t know anybody, and now she knows about 18 other people and connection. So that’s what I wanted to just share to today and also about hand training. The beautiful Pamelah Landers, one of my great teachers, she’s coming over to Melbourne and I booked 20th to the 23rd to do Hand Analysis Training. So if you want to know more about your Purpose and how she actually read hands, whether that’s for yourself, or a journey in itself, to know all about you, what your soul wants, what your soul desires. And you know the kick is just going for it or if you want to do this and share it with other people, read other people’s hands because I’m all for sharing this work so as many people in the world can know their Purpose. And I remember somebody saying to me, you don’t need to teach it, keep it to yourself and its your thing. And I was like not really, this is not my thing, there are other hand analyst out in the world training people and I think there should be more. Absolutely. Many people should be able to know this. And the beautiful community that comes from that. So I’m going to put the link below, if you want to come to Melbourne and join us and Pamelah to try hand training, the first one is all the fingerprints and then the second one, the weekend later, is about gift markings and heart lines. I shared on Sunday some of the gift markings and some beautiful gifts of people in that room and I get to share with them soon what their gifts are. Yes, come along and I think the biggest thing they got was community, and when women gather, and the one man, magic happens. I’m off right now to a friend of ours birthday, going away just over night, taking little Nala, and we’re going to just be in that celebration of her which we all need to do and thanks for watching. I’ll put the link below if you want to join us.

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