What I got from “Walking the Edge”

I’m back from my “Retreat” time more inspired, more embodied and more curious than ever.

Curious, because something shifted majorly for me while I was away. It’s hard to explain but it was like some of the head clutter that was sitting annoyingly on the side, suddenly got the hell out of dodge, and I now find myself in a place of More expanded connection to others and myself.

While away – I gently walked to my edge and in one way kicked it to the kerb …. Into the next suburb so to speak 😉

I decided that I was going to jump in boots and all and stay curious all the time to what feelings were coming up for me.

Of course Purpose is a major value of mine – Joyful Purpose to be exact. Do you know what your true values are? If you do not, then it really pays to delve into discovering them – and if you do know your values, its always a good thing to check in and see if they have changed.

Anyhow back to Purpose – this is a funny thing because sometimes you feel you have worked it all out. Then you go through some major shift/challenge/growth opportunity and WHAM out of the blue something else steps in.

Fingerprints never change and in my work with Scientific Hand analysis this means your Purpose does NOT change (or your lesson or your school for that matter) BUT you can change the way you EXPRESS your Purpose as long as it aligns.

What I was doing 3 years ago – was just part of the journey but not the FULL picture.

As we grow and learn, we can start to put things into more perspective. I’m certainly not saying throw the baby out with the bath water – what I am saying for me is that I suddenly had a realisation, that there was something else evolving, something else to step into. Have you had that feeling? More importantly did you acknowledge that feeling an act on it?

I don’t know exactly what that looks like right now – all I can check in with, is the feeling I get in my body when I think about it. Its kind of goose bumpy, giggle bubbles, energy uploading – love expanding stuff. That to me is an indicator I’m on the right track.

I then had the opportunity to serve a mentor of mine at a retreat for men on the weekend. Men who were ready to step into their true masculinity which includes their vulnerability and heard them Roar.

Really Roar and what struck for me (and I have been thinking this for some time now) our men can be kind of confused with what is going on out in the world. All these empowered Goddesses are kind of scary or just bewildering.

What I said to this group when I was on a panel of women where they could as us anything – was

Be Gentle with yourself, you will never be able to work us out so don’t try. (There was laughter and I also heard sighs …… ahhh yes no need to fix, just be there in your awesome masculine presence)

What I meant was sometimes we have not even worked it out, but what I know to be true for myself is that we all desire Connection, we all desire Community and we all want to know and Embody our Purpose. Both Goddesses and the Warriors.

And that is a clue as to what the next edge I am walking towards, sometimes skipping, sometimes dragging my heels (hopefully not screaming haha).

I think we are brave human beings to be here – I get it, sometimes it’s a walk in the park and sometimes it’s a kick in the butt. Just remember you are part of a community – reach out and do connect with others and life is forever a growth path. Rock it out Sister and Mister – don’t be so serious because its not.

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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