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What is most important to you ?

Hola gorgeous ,

The past few weeks/months have been massive for me. How about you?

Everyone has been feeling a huge shift in and around him or her. And a sigh of relief as we come out of August and into Spring (here in the Southern Hemisphere anyway). Can you feel it?

There’s newness, vibrancy after a few heavy weeks.

And so today’s sharing comes from a place of new excitement.

I got to celebrate friends 50th birthday with him and his closest friends and family.

It was fathers’ day this Sunday and even though my father is in another state – I was invited to share lunch with another family. I love the dynamics, the sharing on these special days. I often sit and wonder how we all got to meet in this one place.

What I noticed was that community is forever necessary for us as souls in our human existence.

One of my best friends 20-year-old son was mugged and beaten last week. His phone and beloved skateboard was stolen and he was left in despair after a most challenging year for this young man.

What happened next opened up so many hearts. Her friend secretly contacted some of her friends and organized donations to help pay for a new phone and skateboard.

The response was immense and when my friend gave her beloved son the money that was raised – he was reduced to a silence of amazement.   How can this happen, why would they do that?

Because we as humans see the heartbreak in our beloved friend and her boy after such a terrible act and as a community were moved to rally around them both.

These are the things that touch our hearts. These are the times that we remember we are all struggling now and again in this game of life, but there are always people around to help and support. The struggle for some is to accept that help.

I always remember listening to Wayne Dyer saying, when someone watches an act of kindness 3 people are affected. The giver, the receiver, and the person witnessing it.

This sends out a huge ripple into the world that goes on to affect others – not just the 3 that experienced it. And being witness to my friend’s son and also the happiness of celebrating someone’s milestone (who by the way was not going to) sent a lot of joy for many into each of our respective communities.

Today I want to remind you that what ever you are going through – that there’s always a higher purpose. Of course we don’t feel all Namaste in the moment, because we are triggered and angry and cant see the wood for the trees, but if we just sit for a moment, and look up, or look in then we can have a quiet intimate moment with ourselves and have faith in the silver lining appearing as soon as you can muster that gratitude bomb.

Gratitude for a smile from a stranger, a call from a long distant friend, not getting the parking ticket even though you stayed way over time ;).

Kids have a way of showing us what’s important in life. They want what they want. They play in the moment, they express both happiness and tantrums as soon as they appear (if they are allowed to), and normally they don’t have too many other worries in their lives. It’s when they get Adulted by someone – who tells them, shoosh, don’t be too loud, don’t be too selfish, don’t cry, don’t don’t, don’t. So there in begins the shut down of putting on the mask for their true feelings.

And we bring that into adulthood. It takes work to unravel all those triggers over time. They appear when we feel most vulnerable, (relationships are the best way hehe). And when we start to know WHEN we are triggered and why – then we have a great discussion with ourselves or someone else as to our true feelings.

So in this September Spring month – it feels good to purge, declutter, shift, and move our bodies, our space, and our mindset.

What will you are shifting this month?

For me – I am still in full surrender. That the truth will always come through and that the one with the most flexibility will be the happiest. We cant hold on to feelings that don’t serve us, people who don’t deserve us, and always take another step to being vulnerable in each interaction.

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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