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What is your relationship style

Tonight Hand Analysis Class was all about Heart Lines.
There are 4 types and a few anomalies (just like the heart)
Passionate: Fire energy – they want what they want, are magnetic and fun to be around, and the rarest heart line because society can make Passionates feel ”too much”
Big Heart: Water energy – the nurturers who always look after others and really care and give give give BUT when can they really relax to receive ? Disconnection is a major student path because they love everyone
Hermit Type: Earth energy: Slow to change, focused on the task but hard to talk about “feelings” and NEVER challenge their Freedom because they will ditch you immediately
Romantic Idealist: Air type – they think their feelings instead of feeling them and they love deep meaningful conversations and always put the other persons needs first, They HATE conflict so instead of speaking their truth they would rather just stay quiet as not to upset the other person ……
The heart wants what the heart wants – but if you are not living your true Heart design trouble bubbles.
Which heart line do you resonate with?
Are you living true to it (and yes there are many more descriptions for each one)
Matters of the heart, your relationship style, how you communicate with those you care about can oscillate between being true to your heart line or “hiding out” as another heart line so you won’t get hurt. And that sucks
But knowing your own heart line and those who are close to you will bring you together in a way that both can communicate effectively. #handanalysisacademy #goddessonpurpose Remember life is for living, experimenting and experiencing. Peace out ❤
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