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I do care what you think :):) here is the link for the survey – it will take 2-3 mins big love to you and hope you win the free hand analyst session too (2 up for grabs) xxx

Hi everyone! Luanne here, just trying this again. 

A couple of things I wanted to check-in today. This morning, I went and saw somebody for a bit of a reading. Probably once a year, and this is a great time of the year, I do that. 

So I wanted to come on here today and just share with you that, I went ahead at reading today, every now and then, not often but I like to do this, probably at the start of every year. There’s a couple of things I did, I booked it and had a reading done, I also get my numerology report done for the next 5 years, every 5 years I get that done. And I am sort of doing this other thing for myself, but I’ll share that later. but the reason I do that is, I’m really intuitive anyway. And yes, I am not embarrassed to say I go and get readings, not like in the past. 

Everyone’s been there right? We go and see other people, what should I do about this sort of thing, but I’m no longer that person. But I do like to check-in from time to time and I pick and choose ;who I go to. I mean, yes i can absolutely do this myself, I mean, I do hand analysis, life purpose readings, the map is right here. But sometimes I want some clarification about certain things, I think the new year is a good time to do that. So I did. 

And what she told me was really nothing surprising. Most of what she said, are sort of, I already knew. What was coming up for me, and also, we know we can change anything the moment we step out that door. But I love and adore this woman who did this reading for me today and she gave me some clarity around some things, definitely in my business and just a place where I am. 

So why I came on here today is that I am interested in what you want to know. Again, every year, it helps me get some clarifications on what you want from me in my tribe, what you want to see? What programs you want to do? What information you want to know about? Anything in general, and I do this every year. 

I sent out a survey. So I just finished doing a survey, or creating a survey that I’m going to send out to my tribe and my list, and then put here because I’m really interested in, like I said, what it is that you want? What keeps you awake at night? Why are you even following me? What would you like to see more of? So I’m going to put a link down below and if you can share that around and again, fill it out. 

When you’re in business, creating programs, and I think I’ve done this before, I created something- I love to create, much like you. We create these things and we put them out in the world. And then nobody wants it, you thought it was a good idea at the time and I’m just looking around my office now. I created a lot of things but also this year I also did the thing of de-cluttering my office, creating a new space for myself where I want to work. And a lot of that work, I just threw away. I just threw them away, it was probably for me that I needed to create for myself, but not many people wanted it. 

And if you are in business for yourself, you should be doing this at least once a year also. Because you might get in the trap too, you know so much about things but that’s not really what your tribe wants. 

So the questions in the survey, and I think the biggest thing is, its going to take 5 minutes. Truly, a lot of multiple choice, things like what age you are, if you’re a male or female? What drew you into the tribe anyway? What do you want to see more of? What keeps you awake at night? What is a problem you want solved? How can I help with that? How do you like to learn? Do you like to do home-study courses? Do you like to be part of a group? Do you want one of my mentoring? All those sorts of things, you can put out in a survey. 

For me, I use Survey Monkey, I nearly got on to this something called Google Forms but I’ve used Survey Monkey for many years so pretty much what I did is when I got an old survey, and rehashed it, put in different questions. but it took me a while for me to get those questions together. They’re all here, my old ones, like I said I do this all the time. 

The last one, I was reading a survey from about 2011 and its so interesting to see what the tribe wanted then and what I was providing to what the tribe wants now, and I’m in a different place. It’s probably why its a great reason to do that. 

I am going to put in a link of my survey here. The other thing that I am doing while my children are away, they are away for nearly 2 weeks now and I really miss them but it has been great to have this time here- a lot of late nights. 

Again, I’m just checking-in today to say sometimes we need some guidance, I’m asking some guidance from you out there- what do you want to see here? And I love what my reading said today and if you want to know who it is, I’m not going to put her name, I’m not going to say who it is here, just PM me and I will tell you who it was and you can go and chat with her yourself. 

So I think that’s it from me today. Thanks for joining. 

Yes, that’s what it is! So, in these two really late nights, I have changed over my email service. So, I’m on Infusionsoft which is great. it has lots of bells and whistles and half of it I didn’t really use. And it cost about $250 a month, something like that, US. So its nearly about $303, something around that. 

So the other thing, I changed over to this thing called Simplero, And it’s got pretty much everything in there, plus a membership site, and it costs around $100 a month. So if you’re looking for a new system, that’s what I’ve been doing, gradually changing things over. it is a big exercise, but what I noticed in that, I cleaned up all the unsubscribed people that were on my list. And there we’re a few and I hadn’t done it in quite a few years, and then I looked at all the different names, I put them into different segments, so that I can actually, if I want to talk to those people specifically, I know exactly where they’ve come from, what events, if they’ve had hand reading, if they’ve come to any other feminine presents work, anything. But that’s who, they are the sort of people who are up and running, and alive, and speaking, and want to know what I have to say, and what I have to provide, and I’m really loving that system. 

So Simplero, I look at it, I’ve been a free subscriber for 2 months now, just really dabbling and testing it, and then I just went, at some stage, I just cut the line and change over. So that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing, geeking out, totally. 

And then the next step in that is to, yeah, find out what everybody wants. I think that’s the other thing, I found some other cool tools on how to do PDF’s and check-list and all the sort of thing that you might have seen me spotting around on Facebook, trialing them out. So I will be sharing sort of things like that too. 

But really, one of the things that came out of these 3 surveys that I did is- It’s really good to look back. It’s really good to look back and just see, go over some of the comments and it can re-inspire you as its re-inspired me to really get things organised. And I think that’s one of the things she said to me today was to get really organised, get ready for a big year, as everyone is getting ready for a big year. And don’t be afraid to get out there, don’t be afraid to speak on your own voice and to come up, because one of the things in this survey was they want us to be inspired. 

It wasn’t about making money or start a business, or things like that. Yes it was there but the number one thing was to belong to a tribe and to be inspired, not just by me, but by everybody in that. 

So anyway, that’s it from me. Thanks for joining me, loving all of this geeking out- full-on. And I will put the link in below, the other thing is, everybody who fills out the survey, I have 2 free-hand analysis sessions up for grabs. So, 2 of you are going to win that and if you’ve even have one before, it’s okay have a top up, of course your purpose never changes, but something the lines maybe in there. So there’s 2, I’m giving 2 away, so that’s a value of $1,000 for two of them. 

For those who don’t want it, don’t worry I will create something from the information you sent me, and it will just be for you. 

So again, thank you so much for joining me, I’ll put the link in and have a beautiful evening, day, night, where ever you are. Bye for now.

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