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What your hands reveal – Path to Purpose Tip

If you really want to know yourself well, then right in front of you are the tools to do that.

Yes, your Hands. They tell you so much about yourself, all you need to do is decode the information that is stored there …. And then do something with that information.

“To know and not to do is not yet to know”  Zen Saying

Your hand shape, fingers, prints, lines and markings in your hands can help you learn about your personality, psychology, and Purpose.

I am committing to giving you regular snippets or tips about your hands so that you can learn about yourself and live your life by your own design.  When you live by your own design (as opposed to someone else’s version) you will have more joy, happiness, better relationships and be able to create your life the way YOU desire.  Afterall the plan is right here.

Come back to check regularly and start looking at your own hands.  Get acquainted with them as they begin to “talk to you” and be one of your best guides.

I will be breaking down such a huge amount of information into bite-size chunks.  If you get excited and want to know more in a faster way, come and do a class or get your hands read.  There are some great books also out there I will recommend along the way.

# Tip 1 –  No two hands are the same – even your own

Take a quick look at your hands right now.  Really take a look.  Can you see how they are actually different from each other?  The lines, the markings, even the lengths of each finger.  (we will go into more depth later)

Are you left or right-handed?  Typically whichever is your dominant hand is the lense that you show the world or ie your active hand. The opposite hand is considered your personal/private self or your passive hand.

As most people are right-handed that would be their active hand and their left their passive.

But if you are left-handed then the opposite will apply.  I myself am left-handed in writing only – everything else is done with my right and I have wanted to debunk that theory. 

But when I really looked deeper it is quite true the more I analyze and implement my life purpose.  I will tell you more along the way.

So look at your Dominant hand.  The one you write with is the best measure.

If you are ambidextrous then there is probably one of the hands that you prefer doing most things with.  In this case, choose that one as your Dominant hand.

Active/Dominant hand:  This is the face that we show the world. What your motivations are and your personality traits that you express either at work or in the public. It shows your outer-self. This can be the hand that makes things happen.  When you need to take action.

Passive/Non-Dominant hand:  This relates to your inner world.  This is when you are at home these traits will show or in private.  When you are being reflective and introspective. It’s when the curtains are drawn and you can just be you in your relaxed state.  It may with those who know you deeply too when you can be your goofy self (if that’s who you are).

There are many theories that you can find on the internet about Right and Left-hand meanings.  A lot of it confusing so let’s keep it simple for now.

I have been taught Scientific Hand Analysis through Richard Ungers system.  I like to keep true to his teachings and other Scientific Hand Analysis teachers are adding their own interpretation (while keeping true to the database).  Of course, the work keeps expanding and new downloads happen.  I will give you my interpretation of what I am learning alongside what my clients have said to me and also my own journey on my Path to Purpose.

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  1. Lyn Busuttil

    This will be a very interesting experience Luanne as I have had surgery on both my left and right hand in the past 14 months and both palms are very unusual. If ever you are in Adelaide I would love to book a reading with you.

    1. Luanne Mareen

      Hi Lyn,
      I hope you have recovered well from your surgeries and I would love to see your hands and do your reading for you. I also don’t have to be in Adelaide as I do most of my readings via zoom. Here is the link lovely and of course if I get to Adelaide in 2020 I will for sure love to see you <3

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