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What’s really important to you ?

Well this week for me something dropped right into my heart.

It was – Why is it that we are so afraid to really go for what we want and for some who we want?

What holds us back from living our biggest life?

During these “interesting times,” it has been an opportunity to go even deeper inner-standing (instead of under-standing) what is really important right now.

Keeping focused on what we really want becomes paramount for me.

But wait isn’t that selfish as hell?

Is it?

Ask yourself who benefits from you NOT going for what you really desire?

Is it someone that just is not prepared to go on the same inner journey as you – be that your beloved, friend or family member?  Because someone seems to be getting the pay off somewhere.  And in some way it is you also.  

You get the payoff of not feeling that excitement/fear without breath of really expanding yourself. 

It is my belief we have come onto this planet for a special Purpose and we have total free will to either embrace it or not.  Kind of cool right?  but have you ever caught yourself just wishing someone could tell you EXACTLY what to do next?  It would save a lot of angst, time, and stress I have always thought in the past, but really weres the learning in that?

We know the stories when someone talented just cruises through and possibly they can be happy with that but are they fulfilled and are they living their best life?

A life of Purpose – one that makes them jump out of bed ready to take on the day with a certain “energy” about them.  Or did you make the mistake of jumping straight on the socials and look at everyone’s photos and then start to get slightly down on yourself because – wow they seem to be living their big life – but the thing is YOU DON’T REALLY KNOW THAT, you are making the assumption through all the pretty pics they put up.

Don’t get sucked in gorgeous – life is supposed to be messy, it can be about rolling in the mud, getting down and dirty, and then coming up getting hosed off ready for another round. !

I have been cleaning up my computer today – and archiving photos and memories.  What I saw 5 years ago was a woman, fresh out of a separation and divorce, trying to swim in the WHAT’S NEXT ?.  Trying to validate herself and her Purpose.  

Wondering how it got to that point: and then the navigation to find the pieces of herself she had lost, given away and now claimed them all back.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and still there so much to learn and go deeper with.

But for now in my 50th year – I think it’s time to put myself first.  Selfish yes.  But that is one of the biggest lessons being in the School of Service.  I can’t come from servitude any longer. 

We are Spiritual beings having a human experience and I am laughing so hard at the “Experiences” I have had.  I am truly grateful for all the souls that have come and helped shaped that and the many more to come.  

It’s the many more to come that is exciting and scary as hell.  

But for now gorgeous one – it is time to keep our VIBES high.  To keep writing out and feeling your vision for yourself as if it is real.  Time to go back to practices we have always used but forgotten to in these distracting times.

Hold your vision lovely one as this is how we create our new reality – and I don’t know about you but I’m SOOOO ready for it

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
Goddess, please share, like and follow my blog!



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  1. Rose

    Enjoyed this post so much, many snippets of wisdom & truth in here for me. Made me think of mud fights as a kid and how messy that could get haha. Time to get a little messy and enjoy it ! 😉

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