When A Woman

This is interesting because I look at quotes and pics and always come  Up with 2 meanings.

There’s the obvious one here when a relationship is over (the guy mostly always is surprised and missed all the hints), and the second meaning is when you stop worrying about an outcome because you know it will be the right one (nothing to do with a relationship or actually it could be) so no need to get frustrated because you don’t actually care on a level.

You care about a positive outcome, but not Caring where the chips may fall because you loaded up the trailer in preparation.

I know sometimes metaphors are best kept to minimum and sometimes it’s ok to express. The soul communicates in metaphors because words can be spoken but not a bit of truth is in them.

To this Goddess on Purpose, with a Purpose and still searching for Purpose – relax your shoulders a little, take a deep breath and Know it’s all for the highest good, unless it’s not then bring out the ninjas. !!! #‎gottalaugh#‎lightenup #‎metaphormadness #‎toomanyhashtags

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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