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Why is it easier to buy things for other people and not yourself?

Hello everyone Luanne Mareen here how are you going? I wanted to do this quick video   today because I have just come off, well about an hour ago, our weekly scientific hand analysis class. And so this week we were talking about personal gift markings. Now personal gift markings or gift markings in general are markings that show up on your hand in a certain position.  Sometimes those six pointed stars sometimes are a vertical line and when they show up on your hands they are there to be used.

Now there are 18 different types of gift markers and they get put into four different categories. So today the categories are public private hidden heart lines and intuitive gift markings. Today we were talking about personal gift markings. now  personal gift markings are exactly what they  say they are more for and the energies to be  for you personally it does not mean that you don’t  have you can’t use that with others in the public  but unlike the public gift markings  you pretty much have to use them  for others. So these are personal gift markings and the one that came up today and this is why I put the title in there, like why is it easy for women especially to buy things for other people and not themselves? Not to invest in things for themselves when if my child wants something or a friend, it’s you’re very quick to go and get it for them.

So the gift marking I’m talking  about is the Saturn star the satin star under  this finger here and on the master path it means  that you’re really good with your resources, right.  you’re really good with what if you have a little  little amount of resources you’re really  good with them and you use them wisely now  it’s also called the king Midas touch. Remember the king the fable of king Midas that anything he touched turned to gold for him and he wanted lots of wealth and he and he got it because he touched everything until he went to embrace his daughter and she turned to gold and my cats she turned to gold no daughter. She was gold so it kind of didn’t work out that well having wanting so much wealth. so master path and student path, the  student path is if you’re not using it wisely and  it can be like you’re creating wealth or creating  resources for other people instead of yourself  and it made me think about this thing of like when  we want to invest in ourselves right especially  for women. I don’t know why that is but and I  definitely know for me on a personal you know it’s  very easy to buy things for my children and that  but for me unless I’m really I’m pushed I really  want that thing and I’m like yes okay and  it’s it should just not take that much angst or  energy. and so um it’s like you know so again  when you’re wanting to invest in something so  currently you want to well I’ll just say you want  to use this marker to be good with your resources,  be okay get them things sorted instead of making  it for other people just know where you’re on  that spectrum.

And so I wanted to actually do an invitation today. So this is why I came up with this topic because the doors are open for our hand analysis scientific hand analysis program. we’ve  just opened, we’ve got kind of like nine to ten  days for people to come and have a chat with me to  see if it’s right for them you know. I’ll totally see if it’s okay with you where you get your resources from uh what you want out of it. I mean of course you’re going to find out your purpose which is amazing, your life lessons or your blocks or where you get tripped up along the way and what to do with those. You’ll know all your own gift markings and how to use those and then if you want to make money from this it’s totally optional. If you’re a healer um you can add it to your repertoire right at it and do readings for others totally up to you. And you’ll pay the course off no problem doing it that way. Some people want to come in and want to do a really deep dive and so it’s an investment that’s what I’m saying.  It’s an investment in yourself so we get into this fear or this Saturn star. am I worthy is this all  about self-worth, this finger am I worthy to invest  in myself at this time and logically you’ll be  going like well yeah of course of course I am,  it’s going to give me a skill to, you know, to learn.  and I’m going to know my purpose and I’m going  to learn these skills of how to express myself  in a way it’s going to give me my message for my  business blah blah blah blah blah. We can be up here and then you’ll go oh can I really do that for me right. With somebody else no problem so that is why I’m going to put a link down below here and you can book in a 30-minute call with me. We’ll have a really lovely casual chat see where you’re at see if this is really for you if the timing is right and then of course um let you know all about what’s in the certification. 

So I will leave you there for now go and you know look at your own resources go and spend something  on you it doesn’t have to be a huge thing but  it is, it has to be just for you nobody else okay.  Many many blessings bye for now. I’ll put the link below or you can go to the and just look up study hand analysis bye for now


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