Why it’s so Important to know your true WHY Beautiful

Hi Gorgeous,

This week is all about kids. (School Holidays)

I have my daughters BFF coming for two nights and my son is organising trips to the local Gravity zone (think trampolines with hundreds of kids haha) with his friends and I love that they are doing this.

They are building up their – their community. own network of trusted friends and as I always love.

Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose

As I sit watching them – with my heart glowing with love – I thank my lucky stars.

I give gratitude for who they are I give gratitude for their community of elders who they trust I give gratitude for their new and old friends come into their lives regularly

And being from a tribe of my own back in New Zealand – I know this is such a great thing for them.

For anyone in fact.

When you are isolated from family and tribe it can hurt.

I find it so important to connect with your loved ones. Isolation whether you do it to yourself by someone else, it is a sad thing.

Brings me back to my BIG WHY once more.

I feel our WHY can change with age and time.

The journey we go through is all part and parcel for us to grow. The souls we meet along the way. Each has a lesson and a message.

And we all need a soft place to land. And first we need to be open to that support.

Part of why I started a Goddess movement was because I longed for community after coming to another country.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my own company and solitude – just not all the time.

Humans are not meant to be alone all the time. Part of why we have incarnated this time, is to reconnect with those souls we have contracts with. Some are short and sweet contracts, and can be someone you meet in the checkout of the grocery line.

Some are longer – you enter a relationship with them and you both grow and learn.

But you don’t have to stay longer than you think. It can be hard, especially when you resist your truth.

And then one day the truth just comes out – and a weight has been lifted.

But still you will be tested – to stay in your truth – you remember your WHY – to follow your PURPOSE.

They go together.

First we need to honour our relationship with ourself. Everyone is special and unique and yet we are still the same on some level. No one is BETTER than anyone else.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you are. We all have gifts and it is our choice to express them … or not (which doesn’t feel that great – but hey its your responsibility).

I am all for totally claiming your awesomeness – and there is a difference between being pompous and being modest – like everything Balance is the key. Just don’t shrink to make others feel better, and also no need to puff all your feathers out in a show of Power. We see you.

Recently – I’ve had a great reminder of tapping back into my own WHY. People will follow and buy from you because they understand your WHY. Not because how awesome you are. No one really cares about that.

True leaders inspire because they know their own Visions. They then get to express that and attract people into their lives, be that clients, friends, partners because of their WHY. The quality of it.

I have often had this question of late percolate in my heart.

What is my Why now ? What is calling me now ? How can I serve?

And in the quiet moments it starts to trickle in …. Then it starts to pour.

And I sit and I let it run over me.

My Why is my Children – let them follow their dreams and express themselves fully in the world as they choose. Not from a parents need for them to be “good” children. Not from a parent who has not lived their dreams and tries to live them through their children.

My Why is to live on Purpose through my own design – the contract I made before I landed here. Sometimes it feels just out of reach. Teasing me …. When in fact it is already being lived. And now its being Called forth more.

My Why is to light others up – for them to be in a sanctuary of no judgement, for them to be witnessed in all their awesomeness. To let them rest and refuel and then to go into the world brighter than ever before.

For happiness is when we are all feeling alive, loved, connected and living our Why.

My WHY is in Service that is abundant in wealth and health.

My Why is for women to be that catalyst. For them to live fully embodied lives. Embrace feminine practises and sprinkle their glitter everywhere. Hell rain that down from the heavens.

We sure can be crazy biatches at times, it is our nature, but we are also the ones who will change this world.

As we get over the jealousy, the pettiness, the wounding, and remember where we have come from.

Remembering the circles we have already been in , High Priestesses, Goddesses, Witches and everything in-between. Owning our power and wanting safety for all humans to be nurtured, make a difference and live by their design.

Oh and yes our Men. Our beautiful men, who are here in our support – if we just let them. For they put much at risk when they come into our lives. We confuse them, we manipulate them, we love them hard, and we love them softly.

As as we nurture our men, they will be brave and our warriors, for they also need our feminine power, as we need their masculine.

So what is your Why gorgeous ????

I am sure you have wondered many times. As each one of us stands in our glorious messy Power, yes we will stuff it up from time to time, but hey thats also the fun part. We get to create it all another day.

Just run with those who get you. Dance your heart out with music that jolts your soul Tell those you love just how much they mean to you And live like each day is a Gift – because it is.

Big beautiful Blissings to you

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
Goddess, please share, like and follow my blog!



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