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Why Radical Change hurts like hell

Radical change hurts like hell pluto-star-normal.jpg  But sometimes ripping off the band-aid in one fell swoop rather than gradually peeling it off slowly, just prolongs the pain …. (especially when there is hair involved)…   So sometimes we have to get all radical.   Like when you have Pluto Stars as a gift marking in your hands.   When you have one of these Gift markings it’s a pretty big deal. (all gift markings are a big deal but this one may feel pretty full on)   the-tower-small.jpgYou see, if you read Tarot it’s like the card with the tower as the picture. Normally they are crumbling to the ground or engulfed in fire.   That’s what it feels like when you have  one of these Pluto stars appearing in your hand.  

And that is because through radical transformation comes great healing and they are not for faint-hearted.   Not for the “Love and light” crowd because You are radical. You desire Depth, shadow work and ready to get right in.   You are here to bring in change – and it’s fast and furious involves destroying the old to rebuild the new.   The new you The new way of beingThe new way of living – one by the true Life purpose design (ie in your hands)   I remember when I started on my Goddess journey I ran Goddess “Playshops” – and I absolutely loved them.   They helped many women know their Inner Goddess – but I wanted to take it deeper. But I hadn’t gone deeper myself.   After a few years of the playshops, I was ready ….. I didn’t want fluff and cotton wool anymore – I wanted mirror work, cathartic movement, raging in a healthy way, sexuality expression and shadow work. I knew this is where I had to go to heal parts of myself.    

Can you relate ???   Are you curious or are you scared ?? I was both.   Because when you embrace both light and shadow then you can integrate both (which means not hiding anything).   Ever had someone sugary sweet (I mean the sickly sweet type) come chat to you and all you want to do is say – Come on, show me your shadow.   I’m not saying we have to get all apocalypse now – but what I am saying is when we grow – it means leaving behind very old stuff that holds you back.   Step in Pluto – riding in on his black stallion kicking up his heels and snorting wildly. That stuff will make you take notice.  

And not everyone needs it in this form …… haha who am I kidding – yes actually we all do. Because the biggest killer of growth is being comfortable, complacent and settling for less.   And I know you are not here for that or you would not be subscribed to this community.   And we can still be gentle – for we are all (just to contradict)     Pluto stars will let you shine the light to the darkness, start to rebuild (after divorce, loved one passing, career change or … insert yours here …..) as long as you don’t resist.   Because if you do – it does not feel good at all – it can feel like getting stuck in the dark, pain of all types, resistance to change, repressed which is kind of sucky.   What are you ready to burn to the ground or want to radically change now, so that you are no longer STUCK.   Pluto is not to afraid of – Pluto is to be embraced and balanced out when you get through some tough spots.  

And you don’t have to have this marking to be going through it (just so you know) We all go through some form of this and knowing when it is upon you can certainly help understand and start rebuilding.   3 Years ago I was in my Pluto moment – it lasted longer than I care to admit and I am just coming through it now one step at a time. From this though, I can tell you it’s been so worth it or I would still be stuck in the illusion that was my relationship.   Do you feel you are stuck in the illusion of the tower you have built around yourself? I know, kind of sucky but there’s always a way out. 

And it starts with you. Don’t put up with second best – you are First class   I have 3 of these stars in my hands now. When I started on my journey with Hand Analysis I had none. When you are ready to move through things you will have all the support you need.

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