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Why type of “Healer” are you?

Hello beautiful one, Luanne Mareen here of and the and today I wanted to talk about the Healer. I’m saying healer because of this finger, left pinky finger if it’s your highest-ranking print your purpose is to be a healer and what that means.   

So, healer, first of all, let’s talk about the word healer. This is actually part of my purpose. I’ve got purpose on some other fingers here and when I first heard that I was like “oh, what, a healer?” I don’t know if I’m a healer because there’s this perception that the healer is somebody with just hands-on, you know they make up secret potions and they are here to work with others really in an intimate way. And they are. But you can look at the word “Healer” and you can change it to transformationalist, is that actually a word? You help people transform and you can help people transform not just hands-on, right? Not just hands-on reiki and message and just these beautiful modalities that you have there. You can do it through communication, so, perhaps you’re here as a healer with a message and depending on other markings in your hands. You can do it being an author or a speaker. You can do it by taking people through really deep transitional moments, you know when perhaps have gone through a divorce or they’ve lost a loved one and you take them through healing that in a specific way that, I mean you know how to do.  

But I guess this video… I’m making this video because I was having a conversation with somebody today and she was thinking about joining the Hand Analysis Academy and she is a healer. We were talking about bringing all her different modalities and I said “well you know what…” she was actually claiming the word healer as I have after time. You know because there’s also the healer needs to do their inner work. They need to surrender, let go, really be okay with themselves so that they can others in a really beautiful safe way, right? 

There’s nothing worse than the bedraggled healer who’s kind of loose in energy and doing things and “I’m the healer” and you know, and you’re kind of looking and you don’t feel safe with that. Yeah, they’ve got beautiful gifts but it’s not contained.  

 So, to be a beautiful healer whether it’s through your voice, through your transformational handwork, through all the different modalities that you can use you really need to help provide that safe environment for people to feel safe with you, feel safe and letting go of certain things that have come out that may need to be unblocked. And it’s okay, right? Healers don’t judge other people because of one, the journey that they’ve been through to get there and you know they’ve also helped… healers also get work from other healers. Right? I would be very wary of somebody who thinks that they just have to do this all you know, they’re a healer and they don’t do their own work whether that’s with another person or their own inner work, so, yeah.  

So, that’s my video today like what kind of healer do you think you are? Are you the hands-on type? Are you the… you know, you’re writing things for people, you’re creating courses for people? Are you teaching people? There’re many ways you can be the healer, right? Whether you put that in a business or whether you’re just doing it in a community way or you’re the healer or medicine person in your family. Yeah, let me know, post below. Alright, until my next video, many blessings and bye for now. Keep on healing the world needs healing. 

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