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Why you are not committing to your Purpose and how to fix that now

I’m still out in Attwood (by the airport)back home tomorrow after hanging out and supporting RJ with her new group of entrepreneurs. I love this environment. Lots of ahas for everyone – me included.


After 3 days I’m just at the point of missing the kids, the dog, the man and even more exciting my mamma flew in today from NZ for 3 weeks.

I don’t know about you – but I made a big decision on my relationship to Commitment.

Over the year I’ve gotten all fired up and made a commitment towards a few changes, and then kind of gotten bored and ho hum about it. (can you relate?)

And when I look back upon why I dropped off on that commitment it made sense.

I was committing to things I “THOUGHT” were good, only to find they weren’t really “doing” it for me and my heart wasn’t Fully in. At the time it was but I hadn’t thought it through.

Anyhoo I’ve been working in the background – getting re-aligned and re-ignited with my Purpose – (yes even I get off track and distracted …. Actually my life lesson is guilt so it can show up more than others).

So I recently “REMEMBERED” my love of community. And I wrote this on facebook 😉

I will have more to share shortly – the penny has been dropping in.

The real reason is the DESIRE is not quite there …….. until NOW and so I want you to TAP into your TRUE desire !!!

So I want to share this offer with you – because my biggest desire is to call in my tribe to The Way of The Gifted Goddess Event and here is how to get your FR*E TICKET worth $247.

With EACH Life Purpose Hand Analysis reading booked in this month – I am GIFTING you a ticket to the event. So that when you have your Life purpose clarity reading done – you will be ready to show up in April with your tribe and rearing to embody deeper your Purpose.

Are you ready ?

Available to 7 only available.  They have to be paid by end of Nov, but the reading can be done later (or be a great Christmas gift !!!)


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Goddess, please share, like and follow my blog!



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