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Why you should delete people from your list

Does the size really matter when it comes to your email list?

Here are some of my suggestions why you should CLEAN out your email list even if it freaks you out.

People sometimes move on and when they are not engaged with your content then it is ok to actually let them go so others can come in.

If you are a Spiritual Entrepreneur then this might help you create space for your ideal clients.

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Hey gorgeous one does size really matter
Now i am talking about your email list because we’ve all been told by internet gurus internet, marketing gurus, build the list grow the list the list it’s all about the size does matter in that case. But really when you’re just starting out
in your new business or maybe you’re doing one-on-one services for people, sometimes you don’t even have a list. And when i say a list i’m talking about an email list, a subscriber list, how you get your clients or people who are looking to work with you possibly onto a list that you can email out once a week, once a month or once a year.
So i’ve just been recently doing looking at my own list and i’ve got about five and a half thousand subscribers on them. Right, so if you’ve just started out that may seem like a huge amount, if you’ve been in business for a while you’ve got way more, congratulations. I kind of feel it’s not too bad but when i looked even further into this, half of them don’t even open my emails. I know right how dare they look like what. But the thing is, right, people move on email, they change email addresses, they are not interested in your content anymore, and so what to do with the ones who have not opened your email list. Because sometimes if you are paying for a certain software you do get charged for the number on your system. So things like Mailchimp um, what’s that monkey one, I should know the monkey one, you can build it, you can use it free. So it doesn’t really cost you anything, well it’s free, so it doesn’t cost you anything as you’re building that but it can take up some headspace specially when you see people are not opening the email so here’s what i’ve just done. I have sent out an email, it’s actually an email sequence, so what this is three different emails that I’ve put into my system, and I use Convertkit by the way. if you want to know, if you want to get a link for that just let me know I’ll put it, I can put it below this email. But I’ve moved to convertkit just recently because I love the way it sorts out all the different emails. You don’t need this if you’re starting out it can be quite expensive. So I was using a different system, all-in-one but I wanted to really give this a go and i’m loving it. But I do pay for subscribers who aren’t opening up the emails. What I’ve decided to do, and this is something i’ve been meaning to do for quite a long time, is i need to cull the list and bless them and move them on. So I’ve set up three emails, one is hey do you still want to be on the email list and there’s two more reminders. Now if they don’t click a link to say yes i’ll be on, I want to be on then i’m going to delete them and I’ve given them a week, I know I kind of I’m like, because some people just haven’t opened… How I categorize them, let’s go there first, I categorize them if they haven’t opened an email in 90 days. So my system says hey these are all the people who haven’t opened but it doesn’t mean that they want to get off the list, so sometimes you give them the week, you send them out three reminders and I’m gonna delete them. I know it sounds really weird but hey I’m okay with that, I’m okay with that because like I said some people have just moved on, your content doesn’t relate to them anymore, they’re at a different time in their life um maybe they’re just not interested and just want to get off. So this is what I’ve done.
Maybe It’s time to have a look at your email list and one story that, you know, like years and years ago well actually was about seven years ago, I started my I kind of ramped up my business and thought I would do a an event over in the  old coast and I got 86 people there. What I actually had as my list I had like 500 people. And 500 was probably from the mind body spirit festival places I collected emails from, my local events that I did. And speaking of that that’s a very small list to get those amount of people in which kind of enforces my comment that size doesn’t matter in this case right, it just doesn’t and you know we’ve been conditioned to go get as many on but I’ve noticed and I’ve done I’ve had a giveaway like I’ve had a opt-in and I had probably two and a half thousand come from that just recently but i’m finding they’re not as engaged as the ones that have possibly been to an event or um watching on one of my videos or you know really engaged in the content. I wanted the freebie some grab the freebie and just go off, that’s totally fine too they can come back later on. But again it’s the quality, you want quality people that are interested in your in your content and so I’m looking over here because I’m looking at the five and a half subscribers and you know it’s just time to have a good clean out.
What about you how are you going to do that for your list or are you going to create one so I’ve got lots of resources over at I work with spiritual women who want to identify their purpose and to make a greater impact in the world and I also work with healers and coaches and train them in hand analysis as an extra tool to support their clients and their very own purpose. So go over to, there’s lots of freebies lots of resources and if you’re watching this and you want to unsubscribe, unsubscribe lots of blessings to you and see you soon, bye for now.
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