Will you Challenge yourself?

Hello there, gorgeous ones. Luanne here. I’ve been fluffing around with zoom for like the last 10 minutes. So, I just thought, let’s get on and on my phone.So, how are you? I wanted to come on today because I just posted… I’m going to do a 30 day challenge of doing live… well not live but I have to be live, just 30 videos, one a day for the next 30 days about life purpose and hand analysis. And I wanted to… I mean when I do challenges I always like to include other people. Now, so, I mean purely for my own reasons and I haven’t done a video on my personal page for such a long time and that’s kind of why, you know I have always wanted to get a whole bunch of videos as done but you know sometimes you just don’t feel like doing them. I’ve got to be in the right mood have that energy up and then you can kind of do four or five different types of videos and you can stockpile them but currently in the current climate of course you know, it’s kind of hard to be up 24/7 everyday, you have your days. So, that’s why I wanted to do a challenge for myself and I wanted to come on here and ask you and anybody you don’t have to do 30 videos but what would you do? What challenge could you take up that you would do for the next 30 days. I’ve got all these messages… um that you could… that you would like to achieve that you would like to do. Maybe it’s just… perhaps drinking water everyday. I know that sounds ridiculous but like drinking five glasses of water. 

That’s not my idea. I was actually watching a video on a minimal… a minimalistic video on YouTube and there was a challenge for that. I thought: that is great. So, by the end  of that kind of 30 days, I think you’ve got rid of like 500 and something, things from your house. Anyway, and another thing you know, some people don’t like the word challenge, you know, life is challenging enough as it is and that’s fine. Use the word dare, right? I dare… you can dare yourself to do something. And something that’s going to… you know really benefits you. Even if it’s just a sense of achievement. So, I might have to count this video as my first one. So, thank you for listening to me. I am going to put this in the Goddess Inner Circle which is actually the awaken of your purpose in a circle. If you want to join, just you can google it on Facebook, so, they’ll be going up there. Also on my Instagram also on my business page and if I’m brave enough to put them up here. I really don’t enjoy putting them up on my private page but I could challenge myself to do that, couldn’t I? Yeah. 

Hey, Kim. How are you, beautiful? And congratulations for your new Envy Jewellery business. I’m so… that’s so very exciting. You challenged yourself to join and you did it. I’m really excited to see what you do with that, that’s so, so good. 

So, anyway, I’m doing a 30-day challenge and if you want to join me, how could we do this? Because there’s also this beautiful pace about keeping accountable, right? Keeping each other accountable. I think it’s easy with videos because you can just go and see. I have to post them one a day. But, yeah, if you need a bit of accountability let me know. Private message me or post here. Like what are you going to do for 30 days. Yeah, I’m not giving up alcohol for 30 days. That is not this challenge. That’s another challenge. 

Anyway, That’s it for me. Thanks for checking in with me. Thanks for watching. Let me know, give me a thumbs up if you are going to do something and… yeah, I don’t like doing challenges by myself but I will. It’s all good but thinking of things, all purpose, all hand analysis, I’ve got 10 subjects right there. Actually two lessons, purpose, school, gift markings… It’s all good one-a-day. 

Alright, Keep in touch and I hope and I do really want to make this content not just blah blah, I want something that you can actually implement or use or you find interesting or just have a laugh, right? Just have a laugh. 

Who’s coming on? Hey, sister. Hey, Pania, how are you going? Hmmm… me neither. Just let you know, did you know that Kim’s become an Envy Jewellery Specialist. 

So, we’ll be booking parties through her now. Well, I will anyway. So, anyway, lots of love to you. Many blessings. Have a good night and that’s my first video.

Hey, hey, Pans. Bye.  


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