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You are enough Beautiful or are you?

Dear Beautiful

This week I’ve been mulling around this question.  Am I enough?

I hear it so often when coaching clients, when talking to women in general who want to take a leap towards their dream and they don’t. Because

  • They don’t trust themselves
  • They worry too much of what others will say
  • They ½ heartedly jump – still clinging to the safety net of life
  • They don’t believe they deserve success in their life
  • Too busy being busy


Nothing is ever 100 percent guaranteed in life. That is for sure. But what the Universe really loves is the soul that moves towards their Purpose and takes hold of it.

It is always guiding us. Always.

You meet a person who says exactly the right thing to you at the right time.

You hear a song on the radio that puts you into the right vibration

You have an idea for your next offering to the world that just lights you up

Then, when you are in this happy place, the NOT enough thought drops in.

Who am I to …………… do this thing? What was I thinking I could really pull this off?

Nothing has ever worked before to my expectations so why even bother?

And you should be bothered.

Why ? because deep down you want this.

Deep down you know that if you actually stepped up your life would look totally different.

There would be more joy
More money
More ease
More flow
More happiness
More success

So why don’t you just do it??

Because you think you don’t know enough, you haven’t got the right qualification, its not the right time because you only do things on the full moon blah blah blah

So today I want to give you permission. Not that you need my permission to take that leap ….. But you need to give yourself permission.

You are here for a Purpose. You may not know EXACTLY what that is but you know it’s close. If only you were enough.

AND YOU ARE ENOUGH – in fact you are MORE than enough.

I get it because I have always felt this on some level, unconsciously.

When amazing things would happen I would somehow think they were a fluke or heaven forbid the Universe was only teasing me and it will all disappear soon?

Who am I to call myself the Chief Goddess? Well who am I not to. No one else claimed it and deep down I know I am a Goddess, I know what my Purpose is hence Goddess on Purpose.

But yet I had days where I think – wow I don’t know as much as her, or him. How did they get there? And then when I talk to “that person” I realize that I do know enough – actually I know a shite load more on this subject that is so dear to my heart.

No one is judging you (and if they are it’s a judgment about themselves)

No one wants you to fail (and if they do – run as far away from them as you can)

No one is in competition with you – because you are unique. You are special and the way you are to serve in the world is yours and yours alone.


Of course there is work to do along the way. Every day in fact. But it doesn’t have to be hard.

It just has to be aligned with who you really are and what you really want.

So today I have a very special offer for you.

For those who are ready to Step up and Step out into their Purpose.

For those who want to be surrounded by your peers and your peeps.

For those who have taken risks – big and small into brining their Purpose to fruition.

But let me explain:

Before you incarnated on this planet you decided what you wanted to Experience, how you wanted to grow and to be fully expressed in the world.

And it got imprinted into your fingerprints.

Then as you got older you had gift markings appear if you needed them.

And perhaps you lost your way, or you got confused, lacked clarity or just conviction to truly BE you.

And of course that sucked big time.

But you found your way to here and you read this email…… perhaps like you have read many of these emails before, but this time its different.

This time you are so over sitting on your own hands and not expressing anymore that you can’t stand it. It hurts too much.

Enter my invitation:

You are invited to a Yearly Goddess Gathering like no other

2.5 days of diving into your Goddessness and Gifts to the world.

Time to revisit your Purpose and really embody what that means for you.

But before you come to the Gathering you will know your Purpose as it shows up in your Hands.

That’s right – for this week only, if you are so over missing opportunities when they arise and feeling like the world is passing you by then THIS is IT !!!!

Join me and 80 other amazing women (and some men) on a journey to your Purpose.

Take the leap ………… Join me and Claim your Gifts and Purpose in the world

Special offer: Full Hand Analysis Session valued $497

Ticket to The Way of the Gifted Goddess valued $247

Total: $744 for only $397 saving $347


Big love and blissings to you and looking forward to seeing you there.

Luanne xxx



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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
Goddess, please share, like and follow my blog!



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