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You have been summoned – it’s your time

We start tomorrow gorgeous.  Nice and slow out of the gates – posting our Selfie and Purpose word.

It’s not a big deal is it?  Well actually for some it is.  I had a beautiful conversation today with someone who said they really dislike social media, perhaps the “hate” it word was used.  But I get it …. I have days like that too. 

One day I am confident to show up – next day I’m like – puh is all of this actually real?

The thing is l, if you have a message for the world, want to serve with joy, you actually have to SHOW up so people can see you.

It’s a huge mess of people vying for your attention but it’s not necessarily the LOUDEST that is seen.

Because I understand, you don’t want to be TOO loud, TOO silly just to get attention.  And sometimes that is exactly what you might want to be.

It breaks my heart to see such special people like you not putting your hand up high enough to be seen.

So we will take it super easy gorgeous.

This 10 Day Dare is 1 selfie a day – with your Purpose Word attached.  That is it. You post it in my private group and we all cheer for you.

Why did I create this? 
It sounds like a waste of time?
Will it bring me clients?

Maybe and maybe not.  What I am SURE it will do though is get you into the HABIT of Showing up each day, even when you don’t feel like it.

There is nothing to sell, nothing to buy, nothing to rant about – it’s just you showing up authentically as you.

Click below and join us gorgeous.  REMEMBER TO SHARE to be in the draw to win 1 of 3 prizes.

10 Day Dare – anyone with Spotlight in their Purpose should come and join us.  Even if you are ok with Showing up – please come and join in the inspiration.   REGISTER HERE

The photo above was my attempt at showing up nearly 8 years ago.  I remember it was a super hot day in LA – USA and the gorgeous Christina Morassi was the photographer.  I think in fact I was the lucky last client of hers to have her photograph me before she changed lanes and became an amazing advocate of women and did her own events etc. Check her out shes amazing.   

I was nervous, but I was going to my EDGE – my word for this year.  You do not have to do photos like these – and you are welcome to if you like.  My point is Show up as you gorgeous – raw and real.

 1 day to go before our Show up on Purpose – 10 Day Dare – will you join us? join us for the Show up on Purpose Dare #luannemareen

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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