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Your Purpose is more imortant than ever

Hi everyone, Luanne Mareen here, well you are in my Facebook page and I just want to quickly jump in today, I have been preparing somebody’s hand reading and it really dawned on me that in these interesting times, I like to say interesting, that its really important that we all keep staying in Purpose. As hard as that can be and as hard as it can feel to be, I know everyone’s kind of feeling it right now, people are trying to get food even though there’s plenty in the supermarkets but yeah the work is kind of drying up and people are worried and in fear. And I don’t even want to go into all of that right now but its everywhere, you can see it all over Facebook, everyone’s talking about it and I’m kind of over it myself. I’d like to say I don’t feel it but I think that the more we keep talking about it, and bringing fear in, its like oh my goodness let’s just be real for one minute. 

Anyway I was doing this hand reading today, and I’m doing this persons hand reading tomorrow, and I got quite inspired that’s why I wanted to share here to stay on purpose and the three things that I was looking at this persons hands, is her life school, her purpose, and her life lesson, and I’m going to explain it to her tomorrow, she’s been waiting a month for this. And she’s in the school of service, for those who don’t know what kind of work I do, I work with hand analysis, scientific hand analysis and your purpose is in your finger prints. The lines can tell us something, they tell us the way you think, the way you love, there’s gift markings in there. And I think in this really important time is to remember our purpose. I’ve been sitting everywhere thinking about how can I be on purpose and part of my purpose is in Leadership and being of service, and changing global consciousness which is kind of what we need right now as a collective. But I was looking at her hands and she is also school of service, school of service are here to serve others and there’s a lot of entrepreneurs out there leading entrepreneurs who are going we all want to serve each other. On Facebook I saw this beautiful post about this poor woman who couldn’t get out to get some groceries and there were like 10 people that say just private message me and I will drop some off at your door. And that’s the kind of service that we want to be of and with the school of service, there’s a swinging pendulum of being selfish which we have also seen as shadow side lately, people being selfish,  buying so much food or toilet paper, they don’t actually need it right now, everybody just calm the farm down like when they do heir normal business, there wouldn’t be short supplies. So I’m being of service that way and then I wanted to go into her purpose. Part of her purpose is definitely to be an advocate, and to be the advocate for the underdog. And again, things are happening right now and to be in a leadership position, and to be the passionate leader actually, its the two fingers here, Jupiter fingers. And Jupiter wants to protect the realm. That everybody is kind of going into that protection of their own realm, but Jupiter thinks of the bigger collective, not just himself. So for her to step into that, now the student path you can be on the purpose holding the vision, inspiring those around you and stepping up and being the leader. Or you can be on the student path, things can get a little bit tough. Things get a little bit tough, the person with the leadership purpose can go into overwhelm, or they can feel a sense of powerlessness like a lot of us are feeling, I’m not speaking for everybody but there’s been moment where I go Gosh I got to change events and its out of my power right, you can’t have more than a hundred people gather but not staying in that powerlessness. So for her tomorrow, I will speak to her about that. And then, also here’s the kicker, in tough times we can go into our life lesson, and our life lesson is the thing that is supposed to kind of keep us real. You know our life lesson is our nemesis, its that shadow part we don’t want to look at, but if we embrace it and flip that around, this is what help us get on purpose, and for her lesson is anger and rage. And it just shows up in her hands this way, or it can show up as being a coward, so hiding away, not coming out, not moving towards her purpose or just being rage and anger or get anger filled. Now anger is not a bad emotion, its when its fueled in the wrong way, so you have to really get it out of your body which means going for big walks, doing running, doing punching, punching your pillow, screaming, anything cathartic. And you can see a lot of anger at the moment, towards each other, towards mankind. So don’t do it towards that person, get it out of your body in a different manner. So when she can actually flip this around though, that is when she is the advocate of the underdog, the voice of reason, the catalyst, the healer, the emotional speaker. So that’s why the lesson is so important, and when you do feel, you know I’ve done thousands of hands, there’s lots of people out there probably had hand readings, not just from me but from other hand analyst. And when we’re going into that life lesson, that little spiral down, just remember its the indicator to just stop, just breathe, and now its time to step up, right, to flip that around, to acknowledge it don’t just brush it off, go oh okay I’m in my life lesson right now. The other part of her hands, she kind of got 7 gift markings as well. So gift markings that show up at the hands that supports the purpose. And one of hers is lines of Genius. Lines of Genius is a message to the masses, and right now we’re getting all kinds of different messages from lots of different people so its about her finding her own message. 

So I’m excited, I’ve got her report her, I’m excited to be sharing this with her tomorrow but I just wanted to come on and actually explain that this is the time that we really want to keep being on purpose and staying on it and being the example for others. 

Okay until tomorrow or my next video, you can like, share if it makes sense to you. Stay safe, stay calm, and just have a beautiful day. Okay.

Many blissings, bye for now. 

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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