I dare to be different

I dare to be different.

It can be challenging to show the world how I am different, but I know that I can do it. Everyone is unique, but everyone is trying to be the same. I am willing to step out and show my strengths, weaknesses, talents, and flaws to the world.

I am willing to show the world how I am different from the masses.

I have some unique opinions and perspectives that I am now willing to reveal to the people in my life. Rather than trying to fit in, I am allowing myself to stand out.

I am willing to be different than everyone else.

There are many ways I can be different from others. I can have my own sense of fashion. I can have different opinions than others. I can dance on the roof of my house.

The possibilities are endless.

Being different is really the same as being myself. I avoid doing anything just to be different. Being different is the result of being completely honest about who I am. I dare to be honest about who I am.

Today, I am comfortable just being myself. I speak my mind, even if my ideas are different from everyone else’s. I allow myself to be different from everyone I meet.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How am I different from most other people I know? Do they know that I am different, or have I been pretending to be something I am not?

2. If I dared to be different, what would that look like?

3. In what small way can I show the world that I am different?

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