Your Weekly Purpose Reading using Animal Dreaming Cards – Responsibility, Dance, Grace

Another Magic Melbourne Day – unbelievable that Christmas decorations have started to appear in the shops.  The past 6 months have passed by so fast even though at times it felt slow.  

A lot of “secrets” have come to light and there are many more to come. I’m on day 14 of my 30 day cleanse and as I can not go any further than 5km away from my home and only out for 1 hour per day (yes that didn’t happen but those were the rules) , but what has happened and still happening is that more and more clarity is coming through to my Purpose. 

One thought that has been in the front of my mind is how much deception has been out there in our daily lives. 

The programming that we have all been surrounded with since we were born.  Stay with me …. here (or not you have free will)

One thought was that came up was – Why I have met the people I have throughout my life.

Some will stay with you for your lifetime, some will come in for a while then leave … only to show up later to take up the journey with you again and some will disappear altogether – but each one has left an impression.  Each one has a meaning and I am realising why they were really there in the first place.

You see my belief is that we have come to this planet to be of Service somehow to humanity.  But it is not supposed to be a huge struggle.  But through struggle, our eyes can finally be opened when you can step back and say “wow that was crappy but oh now I get it” – thank you and off you go to your next step.

Of course, this works for positive experiences too.  And since we are divine beings we can create what we desire if we get out of our own way, replace the old programs with new inspiring ones.

A couple of things that have “dropped in for me” is why I had so many different jobs from when I left school at 16 (and home for that matter).  It was in my best interests to leave my home, I know my mum and also my little sisters were quite distraught (although one of them got my bedroom ;)) and out into the world, I went and started working  for an accountant in my little country town.

But fast forward to my entry into Australia – which was Alice Springs. 

Alice Springs of all places and there started the journey of working, saving, moving to Sydney, then Darwin then Melbourne.

But what I wanted to bring up today was my short 8-week working stint at The Central Land Council in Alice Springs.

This was where I worked in the office as a temp doing accounts for the Indigenous people and their mobs. Looking back I remember the conversations with the Anthropologists.

I was super green on everything that was happening here and being of Maori descent I could not work out why some of these people were looked down upon.  This was their land – these are the original people and every time one of the anthropologists would have time to tell me of his stories with them out bush I was fascinated. 

He told me of the secret men and women’s ceremonies that took place (not the secrets just enough he was allowed to)

He told me that when one of their mob passes away you are not to repeat their name again

He told me that when a man and women married that the man was not allowed to talk to the mother inlaw ! (bet some western men would like this 😉  kidding.  That was super interesting and maybe not all Mobs do this but it was fascinating to me.

I did not realise that all the mobs had their own language unlike in Maori we have one.

One thing I was told that if someone buys a car – then that car belongs to EVERYone not just to one person. (sounds good to me)

What I came away with was that there are many traditions that are forever sacred and that we could certainly learn a lot from them.

I also learnt of the “Stolen” generation which enraged me and I could not understand how a government is allowed to do this. 

I certainly am not an expert on this but I have a deep respect for the traditional owners of this land – I wish others would do the same and as this world is getting shaken up to wake up.

The programme that we have come here to go to school (in a box), to get a job in a cubicle, go to work in our boxcar, come home and watch a box with images on them (television = tell a vision) just is a ridiculous concept now that I step back. 

That we should try to make as much money as we can, buy massive sized houses for families of 3 or 4 and get the flashiest car that we can not afford but we will match the neighbours hopefully.

Buy as much “STUFF” as we can to clutter up our environment and eat food at certain times even if you are not hungry – and pile on the food like it will be your last meal. !

I was totally caught up in all of this too.  I worked my ass off for it – got the big massive house along with a big massive mortgage, invested and bought 5 rental properties, drove the $110k BMW convertible while my ex drove a Porsche, but still I felt empty.  Don’t get me wrong though – the model was to build the wealth then start to support others to do the same.  

I’m not saying we should strive and have goals and have nice things and lovely houses but not to the detriment of not being able to sleep at night or have to slave your guts out at a job you don’t like, to pay off something that you don’t have time to appreciate anyway.

It’s the simple things in life that matter and now we realise how important they are when it has been taken away.

Like:  Going for a walk breathing in fresh air (without a mask)

Hugging another person and not tapping them out too early

Enjoying a glass of wine with a friend in the sun and talking about anything and everything

Visting my bestie for her 50th birthday IN PERSON (Happy Birthday Jodie)

Smiling at someone in the supermarket and them smiling back 

Seeing the joy of your child playing with other children 

Simple things.  

and I know all these things are coming back to us.  Now we will have a deeper appreciation of it all.

I always talk about “The Village” where we are all doing our own Purpose which supports each other – but first we need to have clarity about our Purpose.

And those who know their Purpose it is time to

UPLEVEL your Purpose using these 3 pillars:
Wake up – to your Purpose
Shake up – your life to let yourself express your Purpose 
Take up – the rightful place with your Purpose and full Power

are you ready gorgeous ? 

The weekly video was about being Responsible and doing the Dance with Grace which I think is what inspired my sharing.

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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